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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK v1.0 [Latest Version]


4 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 4 May 2023
Publisher Respawn
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.5/5 Rating (2)

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK is an action game full of transverse actions that play a game role on the stars. This adventurous game makes you lead a journey on the stars along with a player name, Jedi. The Empire forces take a scavenging turn for unhidden secrets ongoing on the stars. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK is the best game for the Star war universe, where you have taken measures to survive on stars and other universes. All other dangerous galaxies are here for the star-living game lovers for further explorations and investigations.

About the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK has a dangerous galaxy with the Empire force who take control over the whole Galaxies. The role of player Jedi makes you survive under order 66 on the galaxies. This perilous galaxy has unhidden resources and secrets that you do not have to reveal at any cost. The combat fight and more galaxy investigation led to creating more interest in lightsabers and power forces.

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Multiple game modes are here for more story creation and to lead to better survival. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK has an immersive and action experience that creates a new turn for all combat game lovers. You can downland the new version of Star Survivor Mobile APK onto all your Android and ios devices. The gaming mechanism is diverse to provide a unique playing style and series. The identified modes will leave you to endure your wave of enemies in a resting mode. The minimum requirement for this application is 2GB so you can easily make thrilling content with other players.

Features of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK is an application that is designed to be easily played by all the players. The unique feature system is here for the star game lovers to create their own world full of combat players and actions.

Scavenger Resources:

You have to spend a life in a perilous galaxy where Empire Forces invade and uncover the secrets. You have to scavenge for resources and create a new survival link. This provides engaging and evading resources for your group’s needs.

Open-world design:

Star Wars Mobile APK creates an open world for its players where they can outreach any planet and universe. The possible environment to fight with the enemies and discover more galaxies for exploring the new world.

Difficulty levels:

It has such a medium where you have to face a wave of enemies. You have to fight with them and create your own challenging environment as long as you can. The winning experience will lead to more survival.

Abilities and Powers:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK provides its players with the ability to edit the power and strength to fight. You can also edit the difficulty level. The use of the equipment and Ligh baster increase the power designs and hilt forces for better options.

Imperial Forces and Combat:

The App APK makes its players fight with the imperial forces. The combats are as powerful to have an intuitive combat system as possible. This links the timing and mastering skill for a better fight.

Optimal Performance:

For better optimal performance, you should have to look after the energy and power to ensure the meetup is at maximum energy. This will help you in your best performance at any time in the game.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mobile APK creates an exciting journey through the selected galaxy where the range can meet your thrilling requirements and possibilities. Now, you are ready to have this game full of thrilling actions.

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