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Straitened Times APK v0.41.2 [Latest] Download For Android


11 September 2023 (9 months ago)

App Name Straitened Times APK
Latest Version v0.41.2
Last Updated 11 September 2023
Publisher Straitened
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 445 MB
3/5 Rating (2)

Straitened Times APK is a stimulation game, focusing on the struggle of family leader, a young boy. Story plot of this game surrounds a young boy who becomes the sole guardian of his mother and sisters after the arrest of his father and how he overcomes the financial turmoil. The players step into the shoes of this young struggling boy and deals with all the challenges and difficulties thrown in his way.

About Straitened Times APK

Stimulation games always give sense of reliability to all gamers and evoke their interests to greater degree. Considering this fact many type of simulation games including family management stimulation games, Life stimulation games, career stimulation games, city building stimulation games and many others are launch every now or then but each game has its own demerits. Some games lags, some have poor story plot, some has poor graphics and likewise. So, to fill this market gap a new one of its own kind stimulation game name, Straitened Times APK is launch recently.

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This game offers its gamers an unconventional gaming experience with nuanced use of technology. This game is enriched in relationships dynamics and challenges. It covers the relationship dynamics between a young boy, Father, mother and two step sisters, stay tagged along and get to know more about this game’s storyline.

More About the App

Players play the role of a young boy who takes on the role of sole guardian of his mother and step sisters when his father got arrest. Their father got arrested in charge of some money smuggling and thievery. This unexpected setback shatters the grounds of family and put everyone in a struggling zone but the young boy suffers the most as he has to be the new guardian of family. Not just the adversity of father’s arrest hit this family but this also followed by the financial crisis and gave them a hard time.

This crisis took players back to the origin of struggle where they only have two rooms in the local motel. From there life takes a 180 degree turn. Players decide the major decisions regarding his family and personal life and give whatever turn they want to give to it. Main elements of this game are food hunt, survival, dealing with financial crisis, protecting family and getting bail for father. Now let’s explore more about its features and specialties.

Features of Straitened Times APK

Food scavenge

In Straitened Times APK players have to survive the toughest conditions with limited resources. So, in order to stay alive players have to search for food sources and feed the family of young boy.

Survival mechanics

Living a life in motel is itself a challenge and on the top of all comes the shortage of money and survival of life. So, players playing the role of young boy make some toughest decisions but only for the better future of him and his family. Survival mechanics turns out to be the most relatable feature of this game for all players and thus keep them engaged. 

Dealing with turmoil

Straitened Times APK is filled with unexpected adversaries. Players face numerous challenges back to back and their goal is to manage the life after all the turmoil and make ways to come out of them.


If you are a fan of stimulation game and like to solve turmoil then Straitened Times APK is a must played game for you. This game has all the elements of thrill, uncertainty, family management, protection, shelter hunt, food scavenge and all other survival aspects. So, play role of the young boy and help him decide his biggest life decisions to mold his future for best.  This game is fill with challenges and keeps the players hooked without any disruption and boredom. So, give it a try and explore the world of this game.

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