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Stray APK v1.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


13 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Stray APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 13 May 2023
Publisher Stray
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.3/5 Rating (6)

Many of you have got vie several simulations games and role enjoying games that today are highly regarded. Therein games is also you have got vie several distinctive roles however have you ever considered a job of CAT to be being vie by yourself- A Stray cat. It’s terribly strange furthermore as odd to play a job of cat however the logic behind this game is to understand concerning mysteries happening in an exceedingly metropolis. A stray cat is lost, alone associate in separated from family and making an attempt to untangle an ancient mystery to flee a long-forgotten town. Stray may be a new action simulation game. It’s the one whewherer you’ll play as a stray cat lost in an exceedingly town packed with advanced technologies.

About Stray APK

Stray may be a spick-and-span action simulation game. Where you’re taking on the role of a stray cat in an exceedingly technologically subtle metropolis. You’ll expertise exploring Cyber town from the angle of a cat. You’ll got to complete riddles, act with alternative cats, and leave the town at any value. However detain mind it’s not that abundant simple there are dangerous insects that try and kill everything that comes in their approach and there are enemies with drones.  To deal with this, you have got to use loads issue against them.

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The gameplay is sort of straightforward because it may be a 3D action simulation game. You play as a cat and obtain the cat’s third-person perspective. You’ll walk and run in any direction sort of a real cat. You’ll additionally simply collect coins and resources by victimization totally different buttons. There’s additionally a button to leap into the sport.

More about Stray APK

The most effective issue concerning the sport is that it does not take you too far from what cats will do naturally. In a way, this can be however the sport maintains a way of realism. As an example, varied obstacles and steep floors and walls are several challenges. Be sneaky, nimble, silly, and generally as annoying as attainable with the strange inhabitants of this mysterious world and see the globe through the eyes of a cat and act with the surroundings in implike ways in which as a true cat use to try to.

During this game you’re not alone you’re befriending with a mounted tiny flying drone your back called B12. With the assistance of this you act additional effectively to search out the way out. Besides accessing networks, B12 the new companion additionally activates doors by connecting to power sources.

Stray APK is appropriate for Androids having  5+ and better versions. It’ll consume only one Gb of your phone’s storage. It’s terribly convenient and free app for your Android and IOs devices and gadgets.

Features of Stray APK:

  • Play as Cat

Cats are domestic animals. They don’t care concerning anyone aside from their personal interests. Naturally, loads of individuals marvel however these cats live. And keeping this curiosity in their minds developers has developed this distinctive game where the most character may be a Stray cat, that is the biggest feature and highlight of this game. The player are going to be enjoying the role of a stray cat who should weave through innumerable obstacles to induce out of the cyber town. There ar various hurdles within the approach however you will resolve them all with your talents and capabilities.

  • Explore the town

As it is already mentioned that Stray APK is a formidable 3D game where there are missions to finish. You have got to explore totally different areas within the search of the exit. That is the main objective of this game. Stray cat is lost in an exceedingly cyber-metropolis full of latest technology like drones, robots and totally different lifeless things. So, here you have got to deal with these all things.

  • Complete Mission

The aim of the sport is to assist a lonely and a lost cat. However,the town isn’t forgiving, as a result of several dangers wait for you. Your goal is to resolve puzzles and riddles and uncover the secrets of the town. The story is tied to missions thus you’ll complete them and move to subsequent space.

  • Confront the Enemy

 Your biggest enemies within the game are weird creatures referred to as Zurks. These ar awful genetically changed creatures, able to eat something which comes in their way. It is not possible to fight Zurk. Obtaining far from them as quickly as attainable is that the solely thanks to keep yourself safe and helps to flee from the town.

  • Collect things and weapons

In this game, you’ll collect coins, things and weapons to use against the mechanism insects. You’ll walk and jump through pipelines sort of a real cat would.

  • Meet the various characters

The main character may be a stray yellow cat Who appears traditionally. Additionally to the cat, you’ll meet varied cats and animals that you just will act with. The sport permits you to act with varied animals as a part of your journey.

  • Enjoy the scene

This game is fun to play. There are medium scenes that designate the story and create it seem like a moving-picture show. That is what makes this game such a good expertise.


Hence, If you’re interests are to explore the murky underbelly of a decaying cyber-city and its neon-lit alleyways through the eyes of a cat and act with the surroundings in an exceedingly implike manner as cat acts in real world then transfer this unbelievable app Stray APK on your devices and revel in

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