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13 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Suwapetha App
Latest Version v3.1
Last Updated 13 March 2023
Publisher G-Sentry
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Health & Fitness
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Today we are surrounded by the deadly virus called Covid-19. It is a virus that spreads through one person to another in no time. it has already taken many lives in world. But the best thing to tackle this virus is keeping distance from people of at least six feet, cover your face with mask and keep your hands clean. On the other hand, it would be more convenient if we put all the data of covid-19 situation in one application that dictates the people for safety measures. And if you cannot find any application then don’t worry. Suwapetha App is an application that you need to fight against this deadly virus! So download now.

About Suwapetha App

The idea of the application is great. It actually traces the areas of Sri Lanka and display it like a map. The map shows the areas where Covid-19 is in great quantity. Those areas are denoted by the red color. The areas which are safe from this pandemic is colored green means you are safe to go. This idea is quite great for Sri Lanka and people are appreciating as well as taking all the benefits from the application. it is just like a google map but it also shows the areas which are prone to this virus. It also shows the nearest hospitals that you can access in the situation of emergency.

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Another great aspect of this application is, it keeps you notified about every situation updated in Sri Lanka. Alerts are always on the way to keep you safe. You can also contact for medical help through this application, doctors and experts will help your cause in no time. last, but not the least, it has free SMS service that benefits many people.

Features Suwapetha App

  • Map System:

It has the map system that shows the virus prone areas of Sri Lanka. If the color appears Red, then you are in dangerous area but if it appears Green then there is no need to worry.

  • Locates Nearest Hospitals & Pharmacy:

It also gives you the location of nearest hospital or pharmacy in case of emergency or guidance.

  • Suwapetha Keeps You Alert:

The notification system of Suwapetha is really great for the people who have hard time to watch the news. It benefits them and keeps them updated and alert about the situation of covid-19.

  • Medical help Request:

Application also gives the free medical help request, in which many great doctors and experts can help you to examine your issues and solve them.

  • Free SMS service in Suwapetha:

Another great aspect of the application is its free SMS services. No need to pay for anything.


Sri Lanka is suffering from very hard circumstances of Covid-19. This application helps them to keep safe and guides them about what areas to visit and not. It has map system in it that helps people to identify those areas. Also give the location of the nearest hospitals and pharmacies. So don’t wait and download!

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