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Updated to version 9.4!

Tag After School Android APK is a career-oriented gaming platform where you play as Shota-Kun who is the main character of the game. This game has been developed by a group of Japanese developers. As we all know how good is the education system of Japan, they have set an example for the whole world by introducing such a great education system. This game also reflects this thing in its plot as it revolves around decisions, we take to shape our careers. This platform gives you a free hand in taking your life decisions. Your career path starting from high school till the end of your youth depends on the decisions your take in your life. If you utilize your time effectively, then we guarantee that you will enjoy a great adulthood. You judgement will be on the fact that what you want to do with your life. 

Tag After School APK allows you to practically work on your life goals and experience the impact of your decisions on those goals. Your career path will be shaped according to the strategy you make. As humans, all of us have friends, dreams, habits, and hobbies. But the decisions we take in our lives tell us how close or how far we have come to our dreams. We can make our lives exceptional if we act rationally and start thinking effectively. This is why this game is one such platform that lets you know about the influence of your decisions on your life goals. 

About the Tag After School Android APK

The game arena is a Japanese haunted school where Shota-Kun is sent as a challenge to spend one whole night alone. Shota-Kun is a fearful kid with low self-esteem. Other students bully him in the school and see him as an unwise and timid person. One day, a senior girl challenges him to go and explore the haunted school at night. He accepts the challenge and decides to execute the task. He does not know that this decision was going to turn his life upside down.

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Shota-Kun has many enemies who will not let him complete this challenge easily. He has to look for them and find a way to eliminate them if he wants to stay in the game otherwise, he himself will be eliminated and the challenge will fail. He will be getting different items for assistance like torches and other stuff that will enable him to spot enemies and deal with them. 

Are you in search of lighthearted yet challenging game that brings back you childhood memories, then look no further because a new game with bright and attractive visuals is launched, named Tag After School APK. This is game that not only brings the classic game of tag to your mobile device but also provides you opportunity to explore more challenges and puzzles based on tag game. This game provides an exhilarating and entertaining gaming experience to players, with various levels and intense challenges of varying intensity.

Playing Tag After School APK In Your Android

Tag After School APK is an immersive version of classic childhood tag game. This game has full package of entertainment and challenges that brings back the childhood memories and give new level of enjoyment. This game is all about chasing the friends and tagging them. The player runs and makes his other friend ‘it” then this friend makes the other team members “IT” and the game continues. Its rule are primarily based on old tag game but it also offers vast arrays of other exciting features including customization, bonus and rewards, user friendly interface and much more. Overall, Tag After School APK is a great option for anyone looking for an exciting and engaging game to play on their Android device. It’s exciting and unique features make it to standout in the realm of video games.

More About The App

This game has unique storyline and also supports multiplayer mode and feature allows players to enjoy it with friends and play against strangers and friend online on mobile devices. Moreover this game has eye catching visuals and colorful graphics that create another layer of immersion to it. This also supports some famous real world landmarks including lush green parks, busy cities, calm beaches and many others. Players can unlock new characters and features as they make progress in the game. Whether you enjoy to play solo games or with friends this game has something to offer you. So, download it today and relive you childhood memories by playing this tag game.

Features of Tag After School APK

Here are some features:

  • Environment 

It is one of the things that fascinates you the most. The cinematic environment increases the interest of the users and they love spending more time playing the game. 

  • Story 

For knowing what this game is all about you will have to refer to the earlier sections of this article if you have directly come to features. The game has a wonderful story that reflects the life of every second student nowadays who is a victim of bullying and harassment.

  • Characters 

The main character is a boy whose name is Shota-Kun. In addition, there are other characters who play a significant role in the game. 

More Exciting Features if Tag After School


Tag After School APK allows users to modify the gameplay and characteristics of characters.

Childhood memories

Tag After School APK is an interesting game that allows players to relive their childhood by providing them opportunity to play Tag game on their mobile phones. This game is sure to bring back a wave of nostalgia for anyone who has ever played tag during their childhood.

Multiplayer mode

This game also has options of multiplayer mode that allows players to enjoy it with friends or other strangers online. Players can team up with friends or play against strangers in free-for-all or team play modes.

Challenging gameplay

Tag After School APK is designed to be easy to play but difficult to master. The game requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and precise timing as players chase and tag opponents while avoiding obstacles and hazards. The game’s levels are designed to be progressively more challenging, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment as player’s progress through the game.


Tag After School APK is a mobile game version of the popular childhood tag game. This game is a whole combination of amusement and challenges that will bring back childhood memories while also providing a new degree of delight. This game is mainly about pursuing and tagging your friends. The player goes and makes his other friend “IT,” then this friend makes the other team members “IT,” and so on. Its rules are essentially based on the classic tag game, but it also includes a plethora of additional fascinating elements such as personalization, multiplayer mode, bonuses and awards, a user-friendly interface, and much more. Overall, Tag After School APK is an excellent choice for anybody searching for a fun and interesting game to play on their Android device.

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