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Teaching Feeling APK v2.5.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


13 May 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name Teaching Feeling APK
Latest Version v2.5.2
Last Updated 13 May 2023
Publisher FreakilyCharming
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.9/5 Rating (9)

Teaching Feeling APK is a fun and adventure game based on the story of a famous novel. It is an 18’+ that is only for adults so if you do not fall in this age group then please refrain yourself from playing this game. The game is about a girl called Sylvie. You have to take care of this girl as you proceed in the game. You are designated as a professional doctor in the game whose only job is to look after this innocent girl who is suffering alone. It is time for you to prove yourself as a true companion to her and help her get out of her depression. 

About Teaching Feeling APK

You will also be playing as a friend to her in the game. If you do not have female friends and want one in your life then this is your opportunity. Teaching Feeling APK is giving you the chance to befriend a virtual female and share your feelings with her. This game will give you a realistic feeling because the sufferings of the girl character in the game are the same as normal people suffer in real life and face various problems in their lives. So, it introduces the reality of life. By playing doctor, you realize how people tackle their hardships and how difficult their life is. 

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In Teaching Feeling APK, the girl’s hand becomes sliced at different spots, you are the doctor and you are the one who would offer her help and cover her wounds by caring for a suitable treatment. After opening the game, you will see Sylvie. The girl who is waiting for you to come and offer her your hand to get her out of the darkness. You need to talk to her and listen to her troubles, as you start exploring her problems, you will realize that these are the issues that we face in our daily lives. Moreover, you will then make a fine strategy and start helping her and taking care of her the way you think she needs. 

Features of Teaching Feeling APK

  • Gameplay

Download the game on your android device and start playing it right away. It is compatible with almost every android version. The game has three levels easy, medium, and hard. You have to choose between these three and select what difficulty level you want to play your game. You will have to show more skills when you are at a hard level. 

  • Social work

It makes you realize the value of having fellow feelings for those in need. The importance of social value is invaluable in our society and this game helps you realize that fact. 

  • Facts

The game is a show of true humanitarian service that is being offered by the doctor in the game. It is easy to play and does not require great skills at all. Even an average kid can easily play the game but alas, the game is only for adults, and children are advised to stay away from the game. 


Teaching Feeling APK is a great game for you if you love helping people in need and who are suffering. It is a nice platform for you if you want to befriend a female and you cannot make one in real life then you can start a virtual friendship by installing this app on your phone. The female in the game will be a loyal friend to you and will share everything with you whatever she is going through. You have to assist her as a companion and heal her wounds by staying with her. Download the app and start playing now. Good luck!

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