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The Ghost Survival Horror APK

The Ghost Survival Horror APK v1.0.50 (Latest Version) – Free Download


16 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name The Ghost Survival Horror APK
Latest Version v1.0.50
Last Updated 16 March 2023
Publisher Gameplier
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

We’ve all seen mind-blowing and horrifying horror films; yet, they’re only films, and the thrill will wear off after a while; however, what if we told you there’s a game with the best horror theme on the market? There aren’t many horror games available. As a result, locating a good horror game may be difficult. You don’t have to be afraid any longer because We have the best horror game for you: The Ghost Co Op Survival Horror Game is the Android game you should be playing right now; it’s been updated and is ready to play!

About The Ghost APK

The main purpose of the game is to provide gamers with the best horror gaming experience possible, free of bugs and low quality. On the market, the game is already well-known. The game’s playing style and goal or mission are self-evident. All horror games have something haunted mansion or place where they have to face spirits and ghosts, similarly in The Ghost APK, you will have a haunted hospital in which you will interact with the ghosts.

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The story is great that goes like you and your friends have some kind of accident and you are admitted in the hospital, you and your friends slept and woke up at 2 AM in the morning and you observe that all staff and other patients are gone except your friends. You grab the newspaper near you which states that hospital is haunted and the only way out is to go through the garage. And then you and your friends start your journey towards the garage and in between the journey you will face many fearful interactions with ghosts. Plus, not just that you can even switch the characters like play as a survivor or play as a ghost and don’t let characters’ escape from the hospitals.

The game is fantastic, and it’s not only for phones; it’s also playable on tablets. Instead of just your phone, you can now play the game on whatever system you desire. To install The Ghost on your Android device, go to the website and download the app. Then you may start taking advantage of all of this app’s amazing features. Uninstall The Ghost APK and reinstall it from our website if it doesn’t work after installation. It is compatible with almost all Android phone versions.

Features of The Ghost Game APK

  • Thrilling Concept:

The Ghost provides the best story to the users and you will never get bored. The story goes like this: you and your friends suffer an accident and are admitted to the hospital; you and your friends slept and woke up at 2 a.m., grabbing a newspaper near you that claims the hospital is haunted, and then you and your friends begin their trek to the garage for survivor.

  • Easy to Play:

The controls are straightforward and simple to use. You’ll be able to master controller commands in no time. As a result, don’t anticipate a difficult game. Once you begin playing the game, there is no turning back. You will become addicted to the game, just like everyone else.

  • Quality Game:

As mentioned earlier, the main goal of the game is to provide the best and most similar graphics game and gameplay to players who are bored or have no interest in anything other than high-quality games like horror games.

  • Best Graphics:

The Ghost offers the best graphics to its players. Everything appears real, and no glitches will occur if the game is played according to the requirements. Thus, don’t pass judgement on the game before playing because it is terrifying.

  • Free & Safe:

The game is free and safe to play; no malware or errors will occur that can affect your phone’s performance. It is also Available In Play Store.


The Ghost has arrived to satisfy horror game aficionados. The application’s major goal is to provide users with the finest possible horror gaming experience. It is free of bugs and bad quality. The game is already well-known on the market. So don’t be a laggard and download the Android app right now!

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