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Tidal Hifi Plus APK v2.71.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


13 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Tidal Hifi Plus APK
Latest Version v2.71.0
Last Updated 13 May 2023
Publisher TIDAL
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Do you have an addiction of listening music videos, streaming songs, podcasts, online radio and other forms of entertainment on your devices and gadgets? Unfortunately, you are deprived of a sufficient app which provide all these things in one smartphone roof. But stop worrying about the app because some renowned developers have developed an incredible and convenient app named as Tidal Hifi Plus APK which is a music streaming. For those who are very interested and has craze of streaming songs, music videos, podcasts, online radio and it allows its users to listen to the latest and greatest songs.

About the Tidal Hifi Plus APK

The Tidal Hifi Plus APK is a free, versatile and perfect music streaming platform for users to immerse themselves in endless exploration. Moreover, with a huge collection of audio tracks with its lossless audio format. Discover great songs from many amazing playlists and personalize the playlists with your own preferences and high enjoy high quality and legit music to the fullest. It has convenient settings for you to freely customize your playlist and playback experiences as well as support your most favorite artist. By using Tidal Hifi Plus APK you will never miss a chance to the latest and trending songs and playlists. It has original playlists, podcasts, video series, and documentaries honor artists.

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Tidal Hifi Plus APK is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Its latest and newest version improves image scaling, so no more disproportionate album displays. It also remedies the top result when searching for tracks. It also provides less intrusive update notifications and bug fixes.

Features of Tidal Hifi Plus APK

Tidal Hifi Plus APK has now a numerous social features to compete more directly with other music streaming platforms which makes it the most popular app used by generations.

  • Delicate interface

This application has a user-friendly interface which is designed delicately and perfectly in every corner to change the beauty or unique designs with many modern and polished themes. It also helps their users to have a smooth and flexible interaction between categories and makes it smoother for interacting with individual content. Animations between menus and the playback module are smooth and very interesting.

  • Enormous collection of songs

Tidal Hifi Plus APK integrates with a dynamic recommender. Promising to expand users’ musical tastes to new heights regardless of genre or author which makes this app a perfect app for the music lovers. You will explore very widely different kinds of songs and playlists. Tidal HiFi Plus also gives you access to 350K+ music videos. 

  • Explore New Genres

If you don’t like country, pop, hip-hop, or rock. You can find other types of music on Tidal and personalize these playlists with your own preferences. Besides updating new songs every day, it offers you unlimited streaming and a vast selection of content.

  • HiFi Sound Quality

You are guaranteed crystal clear sound every time.

New Updates

Most popular and based on activity history, or the music users listen to, are shown on the main page. So the results are useful. It keeps on updating things and recommending new content to individual tastes.

  • Fascinating videos and shows in HD Quality

It has numerous impressive music entertainment content. They regularly post or share music and podcast-related content or videos. It has lots of engaging content which is organized neatly along with a variety of fascinating and awesome options. It offers high Ultra HD video and sound quality. Furthermore it is most satisfying streaming music app.


Thus, if you feel that you must listen your favorite songs at the highest fidelity settings and incredible details. So, download free Tidal Hifi Plus APK on your Android devices and discover the world of music entertainment. Including the most popular podcasts or radios in the world today.

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