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TikTok Green APK v2.1.1 [Latest Version] For Android

TikTok Green

16 October 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name TikTok Green APK
Latest Version v2.1.1
Last Updated 16 October 2023
Publisher TikTok Green
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.5/5 Rating (17)

You have Tiktok and then a lot of its versions but there are a lot of scams when considering the other types of tiktoks. And also there are applications that are in names of tiktok but in reality they are separate applications. The tiktok has brought with itself a lot of other creations in the industry of video editing and precisely in the short video editing industry. The short video editing has become a trend and most of the time we use manual type of editing but these new applications have made it possible to do short video editing with ease in no time with auto creation and editing applications. Today we have brought you the application that will do the best for your short videos.

The TikTok Green APK is another amazing user friendly application for short video editing that will do its best creation for videos ranging from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. The application uses auto generation editing that does not need your efforts to make the video perfect for social platform use rather it makes videos perfect by itself, giving the right piece of music required and the effects the video needs to make it impeccable.

About the TikTok Green APK

The TikTok Green APK is an environmentally friendly application that you can use without any hindrances of paying charges as the application is free of cost. You have to log in with your TikTok Green APK into your account to use the anti band features that is for protection purpose of your application. The TikTok Green APK is a safe and secure application that has the priority of your safety of contents and also privacy protection. The original purpose of the application was to use it for editing the short videos of range 3 seconds up to one minute videos. But some developers have customized the application for better and broader use as well.

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The application, now, is a prominent social video sharing network. This new version of the application has given us the best features any short video editing and sharing application can provide for free. This is the reason of giving it a new name as well. The TikTok Green APK is the most recent version of tiktok which has broader horizons for its functionality for various different applications. The application is  very popular because of its redesigning by teenagers who have made it as it is today. The application contains new features like mask editing, blurring, inverting, deleting etc. the application also offers you to use stickers.

Features of the TikTok Green APK

The updation and customization of TikTok Green APK by the developers for better and quality use for the users including these amazing features;

  • Mask editor; you can have the mask editor that can be enabled or disabled as per your green lights or permission.
  • Stickers; the new and updated version of the TikTok Green APK offers amazing stickers to be used as per the situation or circumstances in the video.  The new version has transparent and opaque, both types, of stickers to be used as per your use or video.
  • Invert; you can invert your videos as they can better look at different angles.
  • Effects; the application contains some of the most advanced and modern types of effects that you can use as per your choice, they are pre existing and also you have the option to customize them.


The TikTok Green APK is so much good application for short video editing and contains some amazing features that auto edits your video for your ease. You must not be stereotype when heard of the auto creation rather you have the options to customize the editing’s as per your wishes.

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