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Touch VPN Old Version APK

Touch VPN Old Version APK v1.4.7 (Latest Version) – Download

Touch VPN

5 October 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Touch VPN Old Version APK
Latest Version v1.47
Last Updated 5 October 2023
Publisher Touch VPN
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 30 MB
3.8/5 Rating (4)

When you are online, your information is broadcast all over the internet via your online social networking sites. If you use the internet these days, you’re undoubtedly aware of cheaters and other facets of society that can have a number of effects on you. Even if you have password-protected your personal information, they have access to it. That is the only problem.

The second issue arises when you are unable to find or utilize such websites or apps because they are unavailable in your area. All of the concerns described above can be resolved using a VPN. By hiding your location and IP address, VPN is a creative way to search the internet. We have the greatest VPN that can quickly resolve all of the above concerns, Touch VPN old version 1.4.7 is now available for free!

In this modern world, everyone prefers to work from home. Working from home is not that much easier because we face internet speed issues. Moreover, some of the websites are blocked in the country due to security problems.

There is also the threat of attacks on people who save all their documents on their digital devices. All these hurdles in the way of your success can be overcome using an amazing app on the APK website. This application is named the Touch VPN APK app, which works on your smartphone and is full of many benefits for internet users.

If you are concerned about your privacy or are having difficulty accessing certain websites, The problem with using unprotected wi-fi hotspots is that you are on the right website. This website will direct you to download the Touch VPN APK app. This app will protect your privacy and break the barrier due to which you are unable to get access to certain websites.

About Touch VPN Old version APK

Touch VPN is a type of proxy that encrypts and protects your entire internet session. VPNs are used to hide a user’s identity by changing their server’s IP address to another server’s IP address. When other VPNs fail to give you with the best level of data protection, you have a problem.

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Users consider many VPNs to be fake because there is no change in IP address. Touch APN, on the other hand, is an advanced proxy that not only gives the best VPN service, but also secures your data and browsing from others. By securing, we mean the prevention of any third-party intrusion. We’re aware of the elements of society who are attempting to gain unauthorized access to your personal information.

But don’t worry, Touch VPN is here to help. Touch VPN has been widely utilized for YouTube in recent years. Some governments have prohibited some videos. This VPN makes it possible for those videos to be viewed without difficulty. Hundreds of servers from all over the world are available to connect to. This implies that you can change your online identity to another country.

More About The App

If you are in search of a capable VPN service on your mobile phone, then the Touch VPN APK app should be your first choice. It consists of many amazing features, with the use of which you can easily get access to geo-restricted websites.

It also ensures protection from cheaters when you are using the internet. This app is best for the stability and speed of the internet connection. We can now access websites that are blocked or cannot be accessed in certain countries thanks to this fantastic tool.

The Touch VPN APK app protects our passwords, pictures, and data. When we use public Wi-Fi hotspots, there is a higher probability that can get our personal information. It is because when we send and receive emails, they are not in encrypted form on public Wi-Fi. So, it gives a good opportunity to cheaters our data. At that time, the Touch VPN APK app comes into use.

Firstly, it smoothly converts public wifi into private and secure wifi, which makes it safer to use for personal data sharing.

The touch The Virtual Private Network APK app protects your data in a way that when you are sending a message to another country, It encrypts the message so that the data cannot be filtered or blocked. This application is completely free, extremely simple to use, secure, and unlimited. Due to this, you can happily use it by downloading it from the link given below.

Features Touch VPN 1.4.7

  • Access to geo-restricted websites: Through this website, you can access websites that are blocked or restricted to use in the respective country.
  • Protection: It converts public hotspot wifi, which is unsafe to use, into private and secure wi-fi. which aids in the encryption of received and sent emails
  • Easy to handle: The Touch VPN is easy to handle because it needs only one click to connect it with our mobile phone.
  • Free of cost: No monthly payment is needed for the use of the touch VPN APK. It is unlimited and free of cost.
  • Secure: This application is secure to use because it encrypts our data from wherever we send or receive it.
  • Unblocks Sites:

As previously stated, the main goal of the application is to unblock websites that are blocked in your country for any reason. It will just alter your IP address and geographical location.

  • Geo-Locked Sites:

It assists in the unblocking of YouTube. As we all know, there are still numerous countries where YouTube and social media sites like Facebook are unavailable. As a result, Touch VPN is something you should have on your phone.

  • Best Servers:

There are hundreds of servers available to connect to from all over the world. This means you can switch your online identity to a different country. England, Canada, Sweden, the United States, and the servers of many other nations.

  • No Complex Using:

It is quite simple to use. Many VPNs, we know, require a lot of information to get started, and their interfaces are also tough to understand. As a result, its user interface has been meticulously designed.

  • No Charges for Touch VPN:

Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Touch VPN doesn’t cost anything from the users, so feel free to download.


Touch VPN is a form of proxy that allows users to access the internet safely by changing their IP address to that of another country and unblocking all websites that are restricted or blocked in your country. You can effortlessly stream or surf all of the internet advantages that your country does not allow you to do with the help of Touch VPN. So don’t be a slacker and get Touch VPN now!. If you are worried about not having access to geo-restricted websites.

Then there is a great opportunity that allows you to open these websites in a free and easy way called the Touch Virtual Private Network APK app. This not only gives you access to the blocked website but also ensures your security when you use public hotspot Wi-Fi. It is useful for encrypting your data when you are sending it from one country to another. So, now is the time to fully avail of the opportunity and get the full benefits of it. Download the app now!

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