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Townscraper APK v1.036 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Mango Cookies

2 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Townscraper APK
Latest Version v1.036
Last Updated 2 April 2023
Publisher Mango Cookies
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Getting complete control of anything can be very satisfying. You can do whatever you want. Using all the features and tools without interruptions and going free-hand with all of the tools. If you are looking for something like that? Then wait! We are providing an amazing construction game that gives you all the controls of the game without any rules, instructions, requirements, etc. You can use it as you like. The new Townscraper APK, a 3D game where you have to build cities, houses, streets, etc. for the people.

About Townscraper APK

This game completely gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. There are no rules, no objectives, no missions, etc. You have to move through the game just by creating amazing buildings and cities. The Townscraper Android APK is a game that particularly allows the player to construct cities, buildings, streets, and shops on Islands. There are many Islands present in the environment, you have to choose the best one for yourself and start building your own city. The game is compatible with all android devices. The user interface is easy to navigate with all the simple options that can be understood by new users as well. There is no registration or verification required to play this game. Simply install it on your android device and start creating massive buildings.

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This game is very different from other game genres like adventure, cards, arcade, etc. You can completely go free-hand with it because there are no requirements, no tasks, no rules, and no missions. You have only one thing in mind to create a beautiful city with all the massive buildings, clean streets, hospitals, cathedrals, shops, play areas, etc. for the well-being of your citizens. There are Islands that can be not suitable for your city because there can be risk of a Tsunami or flood due to the wildness of the water. That is why you have to choose your Island keeping many things in mind.

The creation of the buildings is so easy. You can select colors from the color grid. Choose the blocks by tapping on the grid lines, the application will divide them accordingly. Move the blocks to your specific area and release them to fit in there.

More About The App

After that, the construction will automatically appear in that place. You are only required to choose the structure and color for your building the rest is done by the amazing algorithms of this game. The application will give you options to create a beautiful house, a staircase, an overpass, a bridge, or a street you can choose as you preferred and the application will create that in seconds.

All the things are given in more detail and with high graphics. Create the houses and streets to appear in a more realistic way by zooming in with the tools and giving more details to them. You can also add grass in the backyard, a chimney, the mailbox at the door, and many other things that give the experience of a real house. You can be a better designer of buildings and cities with this application because there are no rules or instructions, you have to look out for the objects on your own and use them to create a massive city inhabited by millions of people.

Features of Townscraper APK

Artistic Perspective: There are amazing random objects and unique architecture that will give a more artistic view of the city. You are able to choose many designed objects to create cool buildings.

Realistic Game: The game is giving you the tools to build a more realistic city by giving more details to every small thing. You can look for every object to take its place nicely.

Different colors: The application is giving many color grids and blocks. You can choose them according to the background and that gives more color mixture to look attractive.

Simple Controls: The controls are very easy. You just have to select the place for your building by taping on it, after that choose the color from the panel and then tap on the blocks, the game automatically creates the construction for you.

No Ads: Ads in between games can be very annoying and that is why the developers of the Townscraper Android game have restricted all the third-party ads to bother the players.


At last, a construction simulator gives all the amazing tools and features to build your desired cities and buildings. You can create a unique place for people to live happily. Using simple tools you can create stunning architectures and also can share pictures with your friends. So, Download the Townscraper Android APK now!

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