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Urdu Techy by Zafran APK

Urdu Techy by Zafran APK v2.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Mudassar Naeem

21 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Urdu Techy by Zafran APK
Latest Version v2.0
Last Updated 21 May 2023
Publisher Mudassar Naeem
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Numerous Apps are in use through over the world and in Pakistan for daily news, magazines, and current affairs. Users have always blamed and low-rated every App for many issues they face. Urdu Techy by Zafran APK is a news broadcasting APK that provides a platform for users specifically affiliated with the Urdu language to have access to world current affairs, General Knowledge, daily magazines, news, sports, and Technology news. The APK is designed in the Urdu language with all waited features. The design of the app is for the Android system which you can access by your phone, tablet, and others.

About Urdu Techy by Zafran APK

It is designed and developed by the most trusted and popular APK and App developer of Pakistan, the Saffron developers to provide the Urdu lanes speakers and listeners a platform where they can have easy access to daily political, sports, and Technological news on daily bases. The APK is genuine and licensed by the authorities.

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Urdu Techy by Zafran APK developed millions of users because of its most splendid features and updates recently. It solved the issue of interface for users with its magnificent user-friendly interface. The design of the system is in such a way that you can have easy access to every page of the APK. All the information is on one page through which you enter every category.

More about Urdu Techy by Zafran APK

This app supports short videos in the form of advertisements, news, and tech talk. The development of this feature of the APK is like snack videos where videos are of short lengths. The Magazines are provided on daily basis with eye-catching pictures and calligraphy. Students can also find it the best platform to attain the opportunity of access to free Articles and Editorials.

Urdu Techy by Zafran APK through this website is the premium version which is free of any types of interruptive Ads and subscription costs. You can download the news, articles, and magazines free of cost in PDF format. It has also the feature of giving you the opportunity of downloading the videos in the reels section with integration with any download manager on your phone. For that, you can also search on the website to get the free premium version best downloading managers.

Features of Urdu Techy by Zafran APK:

  • This APK possesses innumerable features which need to be mentioned and are rated best for these features on the website. Some of the best features of the APK are as follows:
  • Specifically for Pakistani and Urdu Users, this APK is fully designed with all the information in the Urdu Language.
  • The App has a collection of Articles, news, Editorials, and tech news in one platform arranged in a very convenient way to access.
  • It is free of cost, with no subscription charges, and no download charges.
  • The app is a licensed and genuine App, and it is the most top-rated and popular platform.
  • The APK possesses a user-friendly interface that causes no sophistication to every type of user entering the App.
  • This App is very light which only takes a few MB of Space of your android system
  • The APK is safe, with no corrupt files, bugs, malware, and junk items, etc.
  • Being a premium version and aiming to give a pleasant service to the users this APK doesn’t support any advertisement on the platform.
  • Millions of users in just a short period and top-rated on the websites with massive praising remarks.

Why choose Urdu Techy by Zafran APK?

Urdu Techy by Zafran APK is unprecedented with several new and updated features which were in demand by the users. It is free of cost. The APK is safe from any type of junk material. The APK is totally in the Urdu language which makes it unique for Pakistani and Urdu speakers and listeners. In a short period, it has developed a huge number of users and its rating is top on the list. I recommend this APK to all the users who want to make their time productive and entertaining with a lot of news, tech, and magazines.


Click on the above link to enter the page for downloading Urdu Techy by Zafran APK Download and wait for a few whiles as it downloads give some permissions needed and do a quick install and sign-up. Then start your journey with Urdu Techy by Zafran APK Download with news, tech, sports, reels, and diverse knowledge.

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