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Valorant Mobile APK

Valorant Mobile APK v1.1.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


19 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Valorant Mobile APK
Latest Version v1.1.2
Last Updated 19 March 2023
Publisher KevinDevStuff
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3/5 Rating (2)

If you are watching for a shooting game and constantly failing to find a decent one, then we have a good solution for you. We know that it has become too much annoying for some people to have some new kind of action games. Most gamers demand that they wanted to the play the game they already played on bigger console like Xbox PC or PS. There are games which can only be played on these consoles because their graphics and software doesn’t allow to fit in 5 inch mobile with few specs. But now you don’t have to worry. Best shooting game is available on Mobile now. Download Valorant Mobile APK in your phone right now!

About Valorant Mobile APK

Riot Games are delighted to announce that Valorant Mobile has been released recently. The game is loved and become famous all over the world among gamers. Valorant is the game which has fulfilled many dreams of best shooting game of the gamers. But the problem is they can only play the game on bigger console and cannot enjoy it anywhere. Valorant Mobile is put forward to entertain the mobile gamers with best of the features possible. Valorant mobile is one of the finest 5v5 fist person shooting game with best of the graphics to give gamers an experience of this marvelous game. First, let us talk about the story. The story is quite heart breaking as there is a huge incident incident on earth which has caused changes in almost everything in the world includes world’s technology, government, change in life, in other words, it has span all over the world and now it’s up you to save the world.

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There are dozens of characters with whom you can achieve your goals of doing missions, the map is biggest in terms of a mobile game. You will see many countries and societies. You will travel and will perform different missions. Another great features of the game is its best technical weaponry. You will find best of the weapons to use here. The guns include side arms, sniper rifles, guns, firearms, machinery guns.

you will have five members in the team, so make sure that you pick best and those people with whom you have all of the understanding. Invite your friends and play this best game of shooting. Valorant Mobile is available on both Android and iOS, so don’t worry about restriction here. Because Valorant is for everyone.

Features of Valorant Mobile APK

  • Valorant Best Gameplay:

The gameplay is excellent because there has been a massive disaster on Earth that has created changes in practically everything in the world, including world technology, governance, and life, in other words, it has spanned the globe, and it is now up to you to save the planet.

  • Characters & Maps:

There are dozens of people you can work with to complete your mission objectives, and the map is the largest in a mobile game. Many different cultures and societies will be on display. You’ll go on a journey and fulfil a number of tasks.

  • Heavy Valorant Weaponry:

Another excellent component of the game is its advanced weaponry. Here you will find the best weapons to utilise. Sidearms, sniper rifles, guns, firearms, and mechanical guns are among the weapons.

  • Invite your Friends to Valorant:

You’ll be working with a team of five people, so make sure you choose the best and most understanding people for the job. Invite your buddies to play the best shooting game ever.

  • Valorant on Android & iOS:

There are no limitations with Valorant Mobile because it is available on both Android and iOS. Because Valorant is open to all.


Prepare yourselves, Valoorant fans; we know that most gamers prefer to play games that they’ve already played on a larger platform. There are some games that can only be played on these consoles since their graphics and software are too complex to fit into a 5 inch smartphone with limited specifications. However, you no longer need to be concerned. Now you can play the best shooting game on your phone. Right now, download Valorant Mobile on your phone!

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