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ViMusic APK v0.4.3 (Latest Version) – Free Download Android


11 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name ViMusic APK
Latest Version v0.4.3
Last Updated 11 March 2023
Publisher vfsfitvnm
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Music & Audio
0/5 Rating (0)

Listening to music is one of the best antidotes if you are not having a good time and having a rough week or going through something which is bothering you. There is many musics streaming services. Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube Music are providing music streaming of your favorite music from your favorite artists and albums. Having a good music player is very important for everyone. There are many music players but there is a music player which can let you access Youtube Music for free and you can access all your favorite albums and artists across Youtube Music. Then download music!

About ViMusic APK

ViMusic APK is a music streaming app which gives access to Youtube Music for free of cost. The app enables you to listen to your favorite music on Youtube Music without any limitations. Youtube Music hosts millions of songs and it is considered one of the best music streaming apps but you can not access it completely. With ViMusic app, you can access Youtube Music entirely and can enjoy listening to your favorite songs. The ViMusic is a very simple-to-use app.

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The interface and design of the ViMusic is very user-friendly and the navigational panel is visible all time and you can navigate across the app easily. The ViMusic features a playback system. Playback features of ViMusic let you listen to music in the background. Whether you are working or you just want to be totally free of any disturbance, with ViMusic playback system, you can avail it. ViMusic saves your history of songs that you have listened and you can listen to them later as well. This means that with ViMusic you can enjoy music even if you have offline or dont have access to the internet for any reason.

With ViMusic, you can personalize your playlists. You can add or remove songs according to your preference. You can also set the songs in your desired order in which you want to listen to these songs. In addition to that, you can also manage your local playlists from this app. All your local music present on your android phone can be synchronized and you can access them all here and can enjoy both from one app.

Features of the ViMusic APK

  • Best Youtube Music Streaming player

The ViMusic is a music streaming app through which you can easily stream music from Youtube Music. You can easily search for your favorite songs, artists, and albums through a search bar. The playback feature let you change your songs without opening the app and you can browse the whole playlist easily.

  • Listen Offline

Through the app, you can listen to music offline as well. The music you searched or listen to already is stored in the cache and you can listen to them later at your convenience as well. You dont need to download them as well. It is an automatic process.

  • Personalize your playlists

You can personalize your playlists accordingly. You can extend your playlist by adding your favorite songs and you can have multiple playlists as well to accommodate music for diverse settings and moods.  

  • Access Lyrics for each Music

Sometimes you need to have lyrics to enjoy the music in a better way. Thanks to ViMusic you can have lyrics for each music you are listening to on the app. Enjoy the music and lyrics as well.


In conclusion, the future of streaming music is here with ViMusic. With Youtube Music and your local playlists combined in one place, manage your music in an easy and efficient way and enjoy your music experience with a ViMusic featuring themes that make it more mesmerizing the music listening. ViMusic is ready to download now!

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