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WaStat APK v1.58 (Latest Version) – Android Free Download

Peanut Butter Inc.

21 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name WaStat APK
Latest Version v1.58
Last Updated 21 March 2023
Publisher Peanut Butter Inc.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Communication
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It is simple to stay in touch with family and friends at any time thanks to social media. These platforms are useful when we are in different locations and need to catch up fast. Even though we spend so much time online, we might occasionally lose track of our daily schedule. As a consequence of the diversity of information available on WhatsApp, the great majority of individuals are addicted to their mobile devices throughout the day. WhatsApp has made a significant influence on our lives. We can, however, keep track of the number of hours we spend using WhatsApp. You may keep track of how much time you spend each month using this app. We may use the WaStat APK to track how much time we spend on WhatsApp each day. This tool was built by the Peanut Butter Studio and is utilized by millions of people across the world.

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About WaStat APK

The WaStat APK created by Peanut butter Inc. is an online WhatsApp tracker that allows the user to get all the information of different other WhatsApp users. This app track those people who you want to know whether either they were online or not. WaStat is a brilliant tool that you may use right now. Most individuals nowadays have little control over how much time they spend on the internet since they have no means of knowing. If you’re hooked, your view of time spent on the internet will be skewed. So, you can use WaStat to measure your internet consumption right now! You can effortlessly track anyone’s online internet activity with this application.

The WaStat software is quite handy for your requirements. This time tracker can monitor all of your WhatsApp Messenger activities and display them in a convenient clock format. You may also view charts of the latest 30 days’ statistics. Last spotted online, WaStat is the greatest WhatsApp helper. This app does not violate WhatsApp privacy policies or terms of service. This allows you to see when they are online as well as how many minutes and hours they spend on the internet each day. Then you may evaluate their data in the most convenient manner imaginable.

The application has been made keeping the light mobile users in mind as well that those can also take advantage of this amazing application. The user’s interface has also been collapsed to simple and more managed options that the users may not feel any kind of difficulty with. The application is not that heavy and also does not require much storage. A trusted and tested application for all mobile users.

Features of WaStat APK

Keeps Notified: The fantastic feature of WaStat APK is the ability to receive alerts when somebody is available. This notice will be sent to your phone regardless of how distant you are from them.

Monitoring more accounts: You can monitor anyone’s internet use statistics if they have a WhatsApp account. If you want, you may look at up to ten profiles of anybody and any device. You simply need to input their name and WhatsApp number, and the app will track their internet activity for you.

Time locating: This allows you to see when they are accessing and using their phones. This is handy if you’re a parent attempting to enforce a curfew on your children. It’s also beneficial for other purposes because you can check when they were online.

No-Subscription: This Application is provided totally free and does not require subscription.

Evaluate information: Using this tool, you can now analyze the information for the entire month.  Due to the charts shown here, you can now quickly observe how they are used.


If you are someone who wants to know about others’ WhatsApp usage and personal usage, then you must Download WaStat APK. This will help you to keep your usage record and sneak through other’s accounts for fun as well.

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