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WavePay APP v1.4.2.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Wave Money

15 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name WavePay APP
Latest Version v1.4.2.1
Last Updated 15 March 2023
Publisher Wave Money
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Finance
4.5/5 Rating (6)

You have seen so many finance applications available on the internet but WavePay APP is a new, innovative, unique, and secure mobile wallet application. WavePay APP is a reliable, safe, and convenient mobile wallet application that makes sure your transactions are done smoothly without facing any problems.  The application has been developed by Wave Money APK for all Android users around the world. It has a widely spread network in the world with more than 57000 representatives working tirelessly so that you could have better control over your money. 

About WavePay APP

It is a reputed and well-known mobile wallet platform that is committed to bringing everyone into the online banking ecosystem no matter where or how far from the cities users are living. Its tagline “Live Life Your Way” is a depiction of the core objective of the company which is making transactions possible for people anytime anywhere. It is a service you can always rely on. We recommend you download it from our site and take a tour of the application.

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Features of WavePay APP

 Let’s explore WavePay APP and discuss some of its features. 

  1. Easy Upgradation

If you want to increase your daily and monthly translation limits, you will have to fill in some important information through an easy process in a few steps. 

  • Reliable Security

The application has introduced a one mobile one wallet feature that makes sure your wallet is enabled only on one mobile at a time. It is just like WhatsApp, you cannot use it on more than one device before logging out from the first. 

  • Easy Transfer 

You can send in and send out your money through an easy and simple process. It has two options for users who wish to transfer their money. First, you can transfer the money to the receiver’s WavePay account. Second, you can transfer your money to a WavePay agent and the receiver can get the money from the agent. This is a simple and convenient procedure. 

  • Online Shopping

WavePay APP will make your online shopping more fun. You will get amazing discounts and vouchers if you pay through this app. You do not have to worry about not being present on the spot when your delivery has arrived if you do not pay your cash on delivery then you are not going to get your order. So, make yourself comfortable and pay for all your products through WavePay application and go wherever you want. 

More Features Of The App

  • QR Pay

You might be familiar with the QR Pay technology. It is a wonderful innovation that makes your transitions hassle-free. Pay all your bills through QR pay with WavePay app. 

  • Gaming

Users can pay for all their online games and also purchase various gaming equipment from our business partners who are helping us make WavePay accessible for all. 

  • Bookings 

Through it you can book a hotel room, movie tickets, or bus tickets through WavePay app. You will get various discount offers. Enjoy your bookings and save money. 


Apart from the services we mentioned above, WavePay APP also offers many more exciting features like health payments, Insurance bill payments, and broadband payments. It has a 24/7 active customer care service ready to assist you if you face any problem with the app. It has a simple and nice interface that almost everyone can use easily on their first visit to the app. WavePay APP keeps updating its security protocols to keep the data safe from all kinds of intruders online. Click on the link and download this amazing application that will help you with handling your money and saving money. Feel free to ask if you face any issues in the comment section.   

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