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9 July 2023 (10 months ago)

App Name Wi-Fi AR APK
Latest Version v5.8.8
Last Updated 9 July 2023
Publisher Wi-Fi Solutions
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Communication
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Wi-Fi AR is a great application to visibly tell the signal strength of the Wi-Fi you are connected to or even the phone network you use for the internet. It is a union of two extraordinary techniques. AR detects and analyze the environment and interacts with information, whereas a signal detector detects a dead spot where internet service is terrible.

About Wi-Fi AR APK

If you are in a meeting with your boss, but your internet connection breaks down suddenly, you will be left in pathos. One of the students’ nightmares is being unable to submit online exams because of poor signal strength. A broken internet connection is perhaps the worst problem for everyone. When you are surfing the internet, and the connection suddenly gets lost, it becomes quite daunting to connect it back. But with technological advancement, there is a solution to every problem.

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Wi-Fi AR apk is the solution for your internet connection and speed problems. It enables you to see areas where service is not good in your surroundings. Using this application, you can measure the strength of Wi-Fi and even mobile networks. It depends on whether you use a mobile or Wi-Fi network while checking the signal strength.

More about Wi-Fi AR APK

It shows the strength of signals in the form of a map on the screen, and you see dots appearing on the mobile screen. Wi-Fi AR will enable you to spot the corners in your apartment where signal strength is excellent. Wi-Fi Ara pk offers multiple options. You can see where signal strength is weak. You can check whether anything is interfering and disturbing the signals. You can identify the best access points. Users can easily measure the ping value and check the AP number. It is equally effective inside the house or in a public place.

So if you are a super network nerd and want to find optimal spots with maximum signal strength, then this app is a treasure for you. You can map Wi-Fi to ensure you get the best service in your house or public place. It is equally exceptional for mobile networks. You can check the strength of your mobile networks, 4G or LTE, by simply switching to the LTE option. Wi-Fi AR will make sure to map out spots in your surrounding that have poor internet service so that whenever you are on an important phone call or online business meeting, you know where to sit and use the internet without a broken network. Wi-Fi AR apk is free, and you can even use it at the airport. If your network sucks at the airport, use it to locate the best spots with optimal signals by walking around the terminal.

Features of Wi-Fi AR APK

Find ping value

Using the Wi-Fi ar app, you can find the ping value, which will ultimately tell you how fast the data signal travels from your device to a server.

Spot optimal points for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi AR maps out the corners of your apartment or any place with the best signal strength. This feature will ensure you find the best spot with internet services to work without getting disturbed.

Signal strength for LTE

Users can also check the signal strength of their mobile network and spot dead corners with no signals.

Union with AR

The best technological development is the Wi-Fi Ar APK, merging AR and network measurement into one unit. This is the union we all did not know we needed, but it is truly a blessing.

Check interfering networks

With this app, you can easily detect networks that affect the efficiency of your network.

Check AP number

You can also check the access point with the help of this app if you want to extend the wireless connection and increase its reach.


Wi-Fi AR apk is truly a fascinating app that takes out your fences. You can easily detect signal strength around you and choose the most suitable workplace. So download it to eliminate networking problems and enjoy the internet with optimal signals.

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