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Youtube Vanced APK

Youtube Vanced APK v18.16.37 [Latest Version] Free Download

Vanced Team

20 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Youtube Vanced APK
Latest Version v18.16.37
Last Updated 20 May 2023
Publisher Vanced Team
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (1)

YouTube is the largest entertainment platform in the whole world. The previous version of YouTube was fill up with bad content and people were avoiding its usage. The content was adult-based and prohibited free access to watch them. But the new version was introduced by cleaning all the dirty and bad videos from it and made it the world’s largest entertainment provider. Youtube vanced apk latest version 2022 offers many features that make streaming and watching videos easy.

About YouTube Vanced APK

This MOD version works more excellent than the new version of YouTube. This application can easily be download on all android devices without paying any subscription charges. It offers live streaming of thousands of YouTube channels. You can watch videos from every region of the world. You are also able to locate your preferred video in seconds. This application is taking very less space and due to its mobile-friendly user interface, it does not alter the default settings of the device. You can simply download this MOD application in a stable network and start watching and live streaming the best content.

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The YouTube Vanced APK offers different genre videos from thousands of channels. These channel owners are providing the best content to YouTube users. These genres can be Thrillers, Actions, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, and many more. You can reach different channels that are providing one specific category like you can access a cooking channel that only provides videos related to food and cooking. Same as this one, you are also getting videos related to sports, skills, education, entertainment, news, current affairs, Vlogs, architecture, and this list goes on. You can watch all the content in high graphics by choosing different video resolutions like HD, 480, 360, 240, etc.

This application’s solitary feature is that it blocks all types of ads to provide the best videos streaming. By enabling the Ad-Blocking feature of the app you are able to get rid of annoying ads. The application also provides background play feature, using this you can watch videos and at the same time browse for another one. The Amoled feature helps the user to protect their eyes and enjoy the dark theme.

More About The App

There are millions of channels created by individuals that YouTube monetizes and give them money in return. Millions of smartphone users daily watch videos on YouTube. The Channels are owned by companies, individuals, business owners, freelancers, teachers, etc. People are earning thousands of dollars providing the best content to people and when the watch time is increasing then YouTube pays the money to these content providers.

Features of YouTube Vanced APK

Ads-Blocking: The application will be giving the best tool to control the ads. You can block ads when you are streaming videos, you just have to enable this from the settings.

Background Play: You can browse and search for other videos while enjoying music or videos in the background. You are able to stream videos from the background as well.

Amoled Theme: The application is giving two basic themes i.e Dark and Light. You can enable the dark theme to give protection to your eyes and this also looks good. The dark theme is an Amoled theme.

High Graphics: The application is providing high quality videos for streaming. You can choose various resolutions from the settings.

Compatible: The application is compatible with all android devices. It has a mobile friendly user interface that give simple and easy navigations.


At Last, the YouTube Vanced APK is the best MOD version of the original YouTube platform. This application is providing few best features from the original one like Ad-Blocking and Themes etc. Download the YouTube Vanced APK now!

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