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Zepp Life APK v6.5.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Anhui Huami Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

17 December 2022 (2 years ago)

App Name Zepp Life APK
Latest Version v6.5.1
Last Updated 17 December 2022
Publisher Anhui Huami Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Applications for well being are in great numbers and contain a lot to them. There are several mobile phones and applications that contain well being inbuilt features to do the work but a lot of mobiles lack this feature so there are applications that the device has recommended to use or the device developers and company builds it for the device it makes. The application created by the mobile phones to use the device for your friendly experience is expected by the company that you will install the application from any source. So today we have brought you such an application for Xiaomi devices and helps you to get the best out of Xiaomi devices.

Zepp Life APK is an application that you use for Xiaomi devices to get best out of it. The application is recommended by the company itself and helps you to get record of the things that are very important to be kept and checked on daily basis. It has an amazing interface developed for every user who is literate or illiterate can use the application easily. The application keeps record of the very basic things like how much time you slept, when you woke up and it also tracks the data provided or used by the person in their set. Further we will try to understand the application more briefly and more clarity in next paragraphs.

About Zepp Life APK

Zepp Life APK is an important and must have application for all the Xiaomi device users as the application is also recommended by the company for its best user interface and also the way it manages you and your device interactions. Mi Fit was the former name of the application and is the official MI band or / and MI scale. The application has an amazing record keeping way. It keeps proper and precis record of your daily interaction with the application. The application keeps a precis and clear record of your weight, your daily walk that how much distance you have recorded on the day, and many other things that you will go through in next part of the article.

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The application has an easy and amazingly designed interface that helps you to use the application without any complexity. This application gives you an overview of the goals that you have set and keeps a good track of what you have progressed in it. The application also provides you with the clarity of the results of your goals and actions that you have taken. It works on the statistical way of representing the important things of well being in the application.

The application has some easy -to- read way of showing the results in easy charts and graphs that everyone can understands. You can check when you went to sleep and how much you slept. The application has the potential t keep track of your fitness and weight etc. The application is an amazing company to the Xiaomi application users which will help you keep your interaction with the device you use.

Features of Zepp Life APK

Xiaomi users throughout the world use Zepp Life APK and recommend the application to others due to these features and other features not mentioned here;

  • Weight and walk tracking; the application contain feature to track and provide you with the clear info of your weight and how much distance you walk.
  • Sleeping; the application also provides you with the data of how much you sleep and when you slept.
  • Goals and results; the application also provides you with clear data of how you are going in your goal.


Zepp Life APK is a must have application for all those Xiaomi device users who want to keep check and balance of their life through the data the application provides you with. The application is also important for the users to make the best and fruitful interaction with the mobile sets. The application is an amazing application to keep record of your walk, sleep and weight so that you have a balanced life.

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