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Zero Sievert APK

Zero Sievert APK v0.29.4 (Latest Version) – Free Download

CABO Studio

6 June 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Zero Sievert APK
Latest Version v0.29.4
Last Updated 6 June 2023
Publisher CABO Studio
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.1/5 Rating (7)

Zero Sievert APK is an adventurous survival game. In this game players act as survivor and explore the world, uncover secrets and mysteries. Players use their efforts, skills and strategize the next move to save humanity from extinction by facing dreadful challenges. In this game a strategic event wipes out most of human from earth, so, only player and few other anonyms creatures are left on eerie and beautiful land. Players explore each part of the world, find new things, discover mysterious places and uncover a lot of secrets.

During this whole exploration players continuously had threat of attack from strange creature so; cautiously make your next move because danger is always just around the corner. To, survive in this strange world players must gather raw materials to build shelter, and search for food. The planet is full of items but be careful because they’re not always easy to come by. You must search every nook and cranny, and be vigilant at all times.

About Zero Sievert APK

Adventure and survival game always attracts large number of audience because these games gives sense of escapism from daily life rules and regulations, as players are free to explore and discover the hidden truths without rules and regulations. These games also offer sense of challenge and them accomplishment. This proves to be a refreshing change of pace for many players. One of such game with intense gameplay, enormous challenges and obstacles is Zero Sievert APK.

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This game has intense storyline, as the player takes role of survival. In this game a catastrophic event destroys the worlds and humans. So, now only player is left with hidden mysteries, untold secrets and mysterious creature. This game is difficult and challenging and requires players to use their skills and wits to survive in harsh environment. Players should make each move with great care because any mistake can lead to causalities.

More About the App

Moreover, for assisting the players they are given weapons but players should use bullets carefully. Survival is the only objective in this game, so for survival they players have to build shelter, search food and protect themselves from the attacks. The world is full of raw materials and useful items, so players should carefully plan to get access to them, this is challenging in itself, so be cautious of attacks from other creatures.

This adventurous game has most captivating graphics and intense soundtracks uplift the whole vibe of games. Whenever players play this game they will find new maps, and challenges waiting for them. This element adds an extra layer of immersion and excitement to the game and ensures replay ability of the game. The game’s mechanics are designed to grasp the attention of players in a intriguing story. This provides them sense of agency and accomplishment after nailing the survival and controlling the outcome of story. Overall, players enjoy Zero Sievert APK because of its challenges, and intense gameplay.

Features of Zero Sievert APK

Replay ability of game

Every time players play this game, they will find new challenges and changes in map. This keeps the game interesting for players and add element of unpredictability to the game. So, players can find this interesting and never get bore. This makes the game replay able and interesting for players.

Amenities and weapons

In Zero Sievert APK players are given several amenities to carefully explore the surroundings; this includes guns, knives and other things. So, players should carefully use them because any wrong move can risk their life. Moreover, as players progress through the game they can upgrade their weapons and improve them.

top notch soundtrack and graphics

Zero Sievert APK has mesmerizing and suspenseful soundtrack that draws players into the world of this game. Moreover, it has beautiful and engaging graphics that lift the whole vibe and aesthetics of this game.


Zero Sievert APK is top notch survival game. With intense and challenging gameplay, suspenseful soundtracks, engaging graphics, replay ability and amenities this game keeps the players on the edge of their seats and provide ultimate entertainment to them.

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