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Zero Suit Samus Game APK v1.0 [Latest Version] Download

Zero Suit

16 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Zero Suit Samus Game APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 16 April 2023
Publisher Zero Suit
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.6/5 Rating (7)

Zero Suit Samus Game APK is the latest Metroid fusion fight application. It is that kind of application where the character Samus is infected with either disease. The disease is cureless and the players have to move toward the new planet where the laboratories were arranged to develop new vaccines and medicines for the cure of the Samus. Zero Suit Samus Game APK makes you able to discover new areas of medicine development and production for new and better discoveries. All the federations work to cure the player of the parasitic disease.

About the Zero Suit Samus Game APK

Zero Suit Samus Game APK is the application where Samus has to replace its biological data to cure the disease. Samus is attacked by a parasite named X. No one has certain knowledge about this parasite. There is a BSL laboratory to find a perfect cure for this one. The parasite has the ability by which the patient can lose his/ her consciousness and crash his/her life. The Galactic Federation found that the parasite affects the central nervous system of the patient and makes them immature to do anything. After all. A vaccine is created by the Galactic Federation for this cure. A remaining cell of an infant is used and added to the host for more production.

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This vaccine helps in better stability of the character and understanding of the whole situation. The whole mission is all about investigating the whole nickname character given to Samus as Adam. The parasite has the characteristic of replicating in the host cells, due to its livening nature. The Lantic Federation knows how to restrict labs for this parasite because Samus recovers from this disease. But the fact is that these labs use Metroids for their cure. Samus leave the labs but the order was to stay for more stability of mental health.

These Metroids were bred by the federation lab and Samus does not want to destroy all this due to this material. Moreover, Samus also have to discover more working stations and data rooms where more applied work is done for the maintenance of vaccine production. Samus also came to know about the killing activity of this parasite

Features of Zero Suit Samus Game APK

Zero Suit Samus Game APK has some features that use for the cure of this parasitic disease. Some of them are:

Data Rooms:
The Galactic Federation and more data rooms are here on the planet for this medicine preparation. They give access to vulnerability codes like 11 All these functions are happening in the BSL code. Zero Suit Samus Game APK has BSL stations for investigation. Data rooms are here to provide a vulnerable solution to many diseases.

Fusion Suit:
During the whole surgery process. A fusion suit is used to integrate the vaccine and more bacteria into the host body. This is integrated into various body parts and this infected power suit is then used by BSL for further inquiries.

X parasite:
Samus is infected with X parasite and this can replicate in the host cell. But the X parasite uses the SA-X to infect the whole station with this disease. But the time is to avoid this replication process and use the full power plus points for more objectives.

The Galactic Federation:
Moreover, the Galactic Federation is using Metroid to breed these vaccine Metroids. SA-X can reproduce sexually and clone in the host. Samus has to leave the station in a hurry to find a new trick for this sequence. Samus has to ignore all the orders in this respect


In conclusion, Zero Suit Samus Game APK is now available on all mobile devices. This application is offering new versions with better breeding and cloning features.

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