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Back Alley Tales APK v1.1.3 [Latest Version] Download


10 May 2024 (1 month ago)

App Name Back Alley Tales
Latest Version v1.1.3
Last Updated 10 May 2024
Publisher Backalley
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Role Playing Trending
Size 119 MB
3.9/5 Rating (90)

The crimes, the help, the terrifying racial things happening in different dark parts of the world is not well known and unveiled in the eye of camera as well as to the justice system. But think of a game that you play and you get the scenes of the crime place and what happens there behind the veils and that secret, in some ways, comes to you. What will you do and what approaches you will have? The problems of the corner darks are some based on gender discrimination, race, religion and so on which you came to know with some secret ways.

The Back alley tales APK is a game where you are a guard who works as security camera guard and looks for what is happening in the certain cameras that you have so you go on and pass the day doing the job. But all of sudden you it seems boring for you and you to look for the previously recorded camera shots that are terrifying and killing. What happens next is a curiosity and suspense thing that we will discuss later. If you are in this list, searching for a new and more interesting detection gameplay then Back Alley Tales is for. Identifying unknown and hidden facts about any location in the gameplay fascinates most of us. The main purpose of introducing this gameplay to our audience is to make them understand about how useful and interesting it is to plays games like this. This game has many, advantages.

About the Back alley tales APK

The Back alley tales APK is one of a prominent type of spy type game where the player is a camera watcher security guard. The player starts his work and for sometimes he gets bored and when he gets bored he starts to stream the prerecorded recordings of the cameras that he had the job to look at. When you check out the recorded videos of those specific cameras you get to witness a terrible type of things happening there which neither your eyes get to believe in nor your brain could work on it. When you get to know this it is a moment of decision for you.

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The Back alley tales APK is the latest version of the application that you will have in the internet. Though you can have mods of the application to have it in easy way but it is not worth that mod rather it is perfect at its own way. The game is a blend of fiction and simulation of the crimes committed in the streets of the notorious places in the world. The game is a next level game for all the great spy game lovers and those who love the detective detective things.

In addition, if you remember the time when we used to watch movies where we observe security guards and police checking out for different criminals in the surrounding. If they found someone in the surround they used to arrest them immediately. After the police arrest eh criminal they start investigation more and do some more research to gathers proves.

More about Back alley tales APK

The game developers have worked so hard in this game and came up with this master piece. The game developers have developed about 4k + pixel animations by using the live 2D. The application, furthermore, provides access to 12 amazing locations that the developers have made. The graphics and animation produced in this application will always fascinate you with their next level quality.

Back Alley Tales APK is a more interesting and trending android application about a gameplay that is about a security guard that is searching for criminals in the surrounding. Whenever the security guard in the gameplay find some doubtful or inspected individual around him, he starts investigating about him. The real game starts when the guard finally collects handsome amount of evidences about the criminal. When the criminal is detected then he is being highlighted in front of all the villagers. A lot of fun happens when all of the villagers gather and start talking about the criminal. This is fun and it also teaches us many good lesion of being a good individually in our society.

The way they create suspense in the movie or film. Well, this app will enable you to be the player and the character of the gameplay. You will be responsible for whatever is happening on the gameplay.

Features of App

Here are the bullet points of the features of Back Alley Tales APK!

  • Back Alley is a trending detective gameplay.
  • The gameplay is about a security guard searching for criminals in the surrounding area.
  • Players get to investigate suspicious individuals and collect evidence.
  • The game has a social aspect where players highlight criminals in front of villagers.
  • It is easy to download and play on Android devices.
  • The game is ideal for people who enjoy spy and detective games.
  • Players get to experience the thrill of watching security camera footage.
  • The game features video footage of real-life crimes and events from around the world.
  • Back Alley is an interesting and educational game that teaches players about safety and security.

How to download the Back alley tales APK?

You can follow these simple steps to download the Back alley tales APK and set up for use;

  • Download the Back alley tales APK via the source you want. You can have it with the appstore or from anywhere in the third party.
  • Start installing the application in your phone. For that you have to give access to the installer for installing third party application otherwise it will not allow doing so.
  • Extract the file form the downloaded apk and have your game got installed in few easy steps.
  • When you install the application and open it then from then on the application itself will guide you that what to do next because the application is so much easy to use.

Overall, It is a game where you pretend to be a security guard who watches security camera footage. The game gets more interesting when you discover video footage of terrible crimes and scary events that have happened in different parts of the world. The game is made for people who like spy and detective games, and it’s easy to download and play.

Back Alley Tales APK is a very interactive detective game player. The app is gaining popularity among individuals who enjoy these sorts of games. These types of games help you to uncover hidden facts about minor detection signs, locations, and suspicious individuals. The game is developed to educate individuals about security measures they need to take care of. On the other hand the fun part of the gameplay is already mentioned in the above text. Make sure to read the text carefully and then learn good skills, security erasure and many more from the app.


As mentioned that game Back alley tales APK is a next level game for all those detective game lovers and spy game lovers that they will have this application with all their heart and will play with full of their energy to get an energetic gameplay. So download it and have some amazing things happening that are curiosity full and also are suspenseful. Furthermore, if we will open the app in our device, it will run easily and will not trouble us anymore.

If you are the one who want to some inspection related activities or you want to live a life of a security guard for some minutes a day then download Back Alley Tales app now and learn new tricks to identify suspected individuals around us. If you will succeed in this then you will not face any hurdle in identifying good and dad individuals. Try to learn basics about how to be safe, secure and up-to date.

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