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Blue Archive Global APK

Blue Archive Global APK v1.47.196406 (Latest Version) – Download

NEXON Company

24 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Blue Archive Global APK
Latest Version v1.47.196406
Last Updated 24 March 2023
Publisher NEXON Company
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Battles games like PUBG and FreeFire are being played globally with billions of players enjoying the game. But because more and more players are joining these games, there is much competition on the platforms and newbies cannot survive in a good condition. These games are becoming old-fashioned and also many players are bored of the same features, weapons, and battles arena landscape. Due to these reasons, many players want to play a new game that is completely unique and interesting. Do you want to experience the Korean Battle games which are becoming a global hit? Do you want to lead a war against the criminals in your city with your team? If yes, then download Blue archive Global APK right now!

About Blue Archive Global APK

Blue Archive is a Korean battle game developed by y NAT Games, a subsidiary of Korean company Nexon and released by Mostar. The game is a battle game wherewith your team you solve the crisis of your City of Tayyet. The story of Blue Archive begins in a school city named “Teyvat”. The Players will act as the consultant teacher and lead the students to solve the crises in the city. In the game, the players act as advisors to the Federal Investigation Club of the Schale which is located in Kivotos.

The Pivots is a large academic city that is home to numerous academies living their life together. In recent developments, the city of Kivotos is being under the attacks of enemies, which is threatening the peace of the city. Your mission is to  Resolve the endless incidents that occur in Kivotos with charming allies full of personality and build special memories with the citizens and teams of yours. In the game, you can play 3D real-time battles with full animations and skillful scenes and techniques. All the characters in the games are very cute and interesting also. As a leader, you have to ensure that your team’s abilities are of high quality and you have the skills to have a victory.

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Another great feature of the game is not just military battles and adventures but also about building relationships. In the simulations, you can invite anyone from your town to have a cup of coffee with you and had a chat. This is a complete package for everyone who wants to immerse into the Korean military adventures scenario.

Features of Blue Archive Global APK

  • 3D Battle Game

The Blue Archive is a Korean-style 3D one-to-one battle game. During the battle, players can bring along 4 main characters and two other supporting characters. You would be equipped with all the materials and things from the Store to get rid of the City Enemies.

  •  Become a Leader

You don’t fight as a single but in a group. In a time of uncertainty, you rise from the ground and fight with your team to eliminate the enemies forces from your academic sites.

  • Momo Talk Messenger

The game has an interesting interactive inbuilt messenger where you can chat with your students and your colleagues. With these features, you can get to know each other and can make meaningful relationships.

  • Special Missions

Apart from normal battles in the game, there are have different modes and missions which you enjoy while playing the game such as arrest warrant missions, special commissions, PVP, and strategic battles.


The future of the battle games is here with Blue Archive. The game is a complete mix of battles, adventure, and caring for the cities and people. Blue Archive is not just about battles, it’s about leading and saving your community from enemies. With the best 3D visualizations and user-friendly controls and design, the game is must download for everyone who is passionate about this genre. You don’t need to go anywhere to access it. Blue Archive is ready to download right now!

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