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BooleanTT APK v2.0.7.2022 (Latest Version) Free Download

Hashan Chamara Rajapaksha

27 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name BooleanTT APK
Latest Version v2.0.7.2022
Last Updated 27 May 2023
Publisher Hashan Chamara Rajapaksha
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Education
0/5 Rating (0)

BooleanTT APK is a efficient application design of scheduling and task managements. It offer a range of practicals feature including a user friendly interface reminders and notifications. By uses BooleanTT APK individuals be effective creates and manage event tasks and other responsibility in their daily life. The application is specifics developed to assists user on organizing there work base on deadlines priorities and schedules ensurings efficients completion of tasks. With BooleanTT APK user friendly and users have the ability to creates comprehensive to do lists. And calendars enables them to ease monitors their tasks events and schedules.

Moreover the application provide the optionings to add schedules allows users to tracking the progress of their tasks and responsibilities effectively. BooleanTT APK is a value tool for individuals seeks to enhances their organization and product. With its intuitive interface reminders and notifications the application ensures that users can efficient create manage and prioritize their tasks and schedules. The ability to tags tasks and events in enhances its usability enabling users to categorizes and locates specific items with ease.

About the BooleanTT APK:

BooleanTT APK is a highly versatiles and efficient task management application that offer a range of valuables features. One of it standout capability is the ability for users to share their to do lists and calendars with colleagues friends or family members. This convenien sharing feature enables other to join or contributes to your tasks foster collaboration and effective teamworkings. Sharing can be accomplishes through email or by sharing a link to the to do list and calendar ensures seamless communication and coordination.

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Furthermore BooleanTT APK onlines seamlessly integrate with various other applications and services to optimizing user workflows. This integration extends to popular platforms such of Google Calendar Slack Zapier and Trello. By synchronizes with these application BooleanTT APK enable users to centralizing their task management across multiples platforms ensuring consistentency and streamline workflows.

More About the App

BooleanTT APK emerges as an exception task managements application offers a wide arr of flexible and beneficial features. With its intuitives interface and comprehensive functions users can efficiently organizes and manage their tasks and events. Whether its tracks deadlines prioritizes responsibilities or sharing tasks with others BooleanTT APK empowers users to optimizing their task management process. Its seams integration which external applications further enhancings its utility providing users with a cohesive and efficient workflow. Its user friendly interface sharing capabilities and integration with popular applications making it an ideal choose for individuals seekings a comprehensive and flexiblility task management tool. By leveraging BooleanTT APK powerful features users can streamline their workflows effectively collaboration. With others and achieve there goals more efficiently.

A key aspect of BooleanTT APK is it powerful feature that allow users of tag tasks and events. This functionality facilitates conveniency categorizating and quick retrieval of specific items. For instance users can tag tasks bases on priority subject or the persons responsibles for on completion. By employing tags tasks can been easily searched and sort simplifying the management process. Whether its keeping track of deadlines or manages daily responsibilities BooleanTT is designes to streamline task managements and optimizing productivity. Features:

Features of BooleanTT APK:

BooleanTT APK stand out an a remarkable task management solution equipp with a plethora of practical features to enhance efficiency and productivities.

Create and Customize To Do Lists:
BooleanTT APK enables users to ease creatings personalized to do lists allows them to organize tasks based on priorities subject or performer. Users can rearrange or deletings tasks with in their lists as needed.

Work Schedule Creation:
Users can efficient creates a workings schedule with in BooleanTT APK to effectives manages their event meetings and overalls work commitments. The schedule can being tailors with on specifics start and end times location detailings and event descriptions.

Task Addition:
BooleanTT APK offers a seam less tasks creationing process allow users of addimgs tasks with essentials information such of titles descriptioning progresses tracking and due dates. Tags could been assign to tasks for efficients categorizationing and future reference.

Event Management:
Users can effort lessly adds events to there calendar using BooleanTT APK include essential details such as event title location scheduled time and description. Similar to taskings events could be tagges for easy categories and quicking retrieval.

Tagging and Categorization:
This app provide an robust tagging system enables users to assign tags to tasks and events. This features allows for convenien categorization and simplifying these processes of findings specific tasks or events using the assign tags.

Efficient Search Functionality:
With this app users could easily searchs for tasks and events based on the assign tags facilitatings quicks retrievals and management on specifics items with in there too listings and calendars.

More Features of the App

Task and Schedule Sharing:
It supports seam less sharings off too lists and calendars with colleagues friends or family members. This feature allowings other on participatings in or contributings to the assigned task fosters collaborationings and effect teamwork.

Intuitive Interface:
It boasts a user friendly interface ensures a smooth and hassle free experience while creating and managing tasks events and schedules.

Reminder and Notification System:
Users can relies on BooleanTT APK builtin reminder and notification system to stay on top of their tasks and events. This feature helps users stay organizes and ensures timelies completion of their responsibilities.

Integration with External Applications:
BooleanTT APK offers integrations with popular external applications such as Google Calendrer Slack Zapier and Trello. This integration enables users to synchronizing there workflows and enhancings productivity off leverages. The capabilities of multiples platforms with in a unify tasks managements environment.


BooleanTT APK creates a regular todo list and schedulings be effective approach and ensuring important tasks and eventing not forgotten. By setting up tags to categorizes tasks and events users can easily search and locate specific items. Based on their assigned tags streamlines the management process. Prioritizings task off events bases on their importance allows of better time managements. BooleanTT APK provides an clear overviews of on goings works facilitates accurates tracking and increases the of likelihoods of meetings deadlines.

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