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COD Warzone APK

COD Warzone APK v2.2.13984218 (Latest Version) Download

Activision Publishing, Inc.

16 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name COD Warzone APK
Latest Version v2.2.13984218
Last Updated 16 March 2023
Publisher Activision Publishing, Inc.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.5/5 Rating (2)

Battle games are something really like in gaming world, especially in adults. They even buy the battle games to have fun or compete with other in the game. Similarly, there is games called Call of Duty or in other names COD Warzone APK, One of the most legendary and famous games ever made by developers. It has everything that other games don’t. You can have different maps, variety of weapons, best graphics, greater gameplay and much more. In other words, this game never disappointed. But there was a problem that this game was only available for PC and Xbox or PlayStations. What if we tell you that there is a mobile version of the game is now available in the market by the name Call of Duty Warzone, don’t wait and download!

About COD Warzone APK

The game runs smooth and if the operating system and RAM is suitable then it is more than joy to play. We don’t think that we have to explain what COD offers. Because it is already played almost every gamer in the world and everyone knows how it works. Although there are some features that are being added or excluded from the mobile version that needs to be addressed.

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Moreover, Right now the warzone allows the capacity of 150 people to play. Show their skills but the aim is to touch or go higher than 200 in future. So don’t be sad because of these little things. The graphics and the gameplay of the game are quite similar to those of the original PC game. But you have to admit that maps are so large and gigantic that you will never going to feel any difference between big screen or mobile game.

Features COD Warzone APK

  • Online Multi-player:

As we have already mentioned earlier that the game is online. You have to face enemies and kill them to achieve pro level of COD Warzone mobile.

  • No Complexity in Controls:

The controls are really simple to operate. In a short length of time, you’ll be able to master controller commands. As a result, don’t expect a challenging game. There is no going back once you start playing the game. Like everyone else, you will grow addicted to the game.

  • Big Maps:

We have already mentioned in the description that no matter you playing the game on mobile but the quality of map will never change in COD, so be very careful because enemies can attack you from any side.

  • Highly Rich graphics:

COD Warzone provides the best graphics to its players; everything appears real, and no glitches will occur if the game is played correctly; hence, don’t pass judgement on the game before playing it since it is fantastic.

  • Lite Size:

Yes, the application is extremely lite sized and it will never affect your phone’s performance in any regard so don’t be scared and download.

Compatibility & Downloading

The game is compatible to both Android and iOS users. There is no restriction of any operating system at all, the main purpose is to provide best gaming experience to the lovers of Call of Duty. The game is in lite size too means it will never affect any of your phones performance. And for the downloading purpose you have to change the settings of your phone to accept the downloading other than Google PlayStore or iTunes.


COD Warzone has been introduced on the market to deliver the greatest Call of Duty experience on the phone without any difficulties, malware, or other faults. The game plays smoothly, and if your operating system and RAM are up to par, you’ll have a blast playing it. We don’t think we need to describe what COD has to offer because practically every gamer in the globe has already played it and is familiar with how it works, so don’t wait and download the game!

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