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Colussus APK v2.112 (Latest Version) – Free Download


23 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Colussus APK
Latest Version v2.112
Last Updated 23 February 2023
Publisher tictocware
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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People who go to the gym usually search for apps that will assist them with their day-to-day exercise and help them keep up with their gym routine. Such apps are not available on the internet for free. But Colussus APK is an intelligible app that has helped millions of users from around the world by becoming their assistant in the gym. Now you do not need to remember everything or keep screenshots of different workouts on your phone, you will be able to do everything through this small app that we are providing you. This article sheds light on how this app can be beneficial for you and how it can help you in your daily routine. 

The app tracks your whole session inside the gym from the moment your step into the gym till the time you leave it. Moreover, when you open the session option, you can find different motivational quotes that will compel you to keep working and not think about giving up. This option will enlist all sessions that you have attended over the weekend. When you move on, you will see the exercise option that has been integrated with all types of workouts that are essential for people who are having their maiden day at the gym or the ones who have been hitting the gym for a long time now. This section contains exercises for legs, chest, abs, biceps, triceps, and all other muscles that you want to work on, you can find everything. 

About Colussus APK

Furthermore, Colussus APK keeps a record of your progress and enables you to go through it conveniently. Your data will be stored with the date and time. Also, it will enable you to save the number and type of workouts you did. You can visit and see where you have come from. By checking your day-to-day progress, you get an inner motivation about keeping up with what you are doing that enables you to continue the process and not break the consistency as long as you can.

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The platform has helped millions of people around the world and you could be the next one to benefit from it if you are looking for something like this. 

Features of Colussus APK


It has been designed in a way that the users can look at their workout progress in real-time on the app. They can visually see the process if they want to, they just need to go to the option that allows them to see the data visually. 


The app records your data with great accuracy and there are very few chances of error. This accuracy makes it one of the most preferred apps in this market. If you want such an app then you must consider downloading this.

Data visualization 

As we have already mentioned above, you can see your progress visually as well. This visualization option is very important for such an app because of the trust that users put in platforms like this. This app has reliable visualization features. 


You also get a bonus option on the app which is the calculator which helps you calculate your workout. 


There are multiple themes in the app. You can switch between different themes seamlessly. 


For all those customers who are gym enthusiasts, we have brought to you a fantastic application that not only will remind you about the day-to-day exercises but also track all the activities that you perform in the gym. You do not have to go anywhere else if you want an assistant for yourself while working out because this app is going to do just that thing for you. So, click the download link and start your download right now. 

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