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Complomacro APK v1.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download


2 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Complomacro APK
Latest Version v1.1
Last Updated 2 March 2023
Publisher unavacante
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Complomacro APK is a new headshot application developed to create professional-quality headshots for Android device users. It allows you to take clear and accurate headshots that look like those of a hacker, minus the malicious intent. Its advanced features will allow you to fine-tune the perfect headshot, with real-time results in both portrait and landscape orientation.

The app makes it easy to quickly set up your camera without sweat or stress. You can manually adjust settings such as shadows, highlights, temperature, and contrast. That enables perfectly balanced lighting in your photos regardless of the time of day or your environment.

Focus is one of the biggest challenges when taking accurate macro shots on mobile phones and hand-held digital devices. Thankfully, the Complomacro app makes it simple by employing its vast focus points. These allow pinpointing accuracy for every shot you take – even in low-light scenarios.

About Complomacro APK

Expect crisp details and transparent colors when taking headshots with it since it supports full HD recording. This ensures that each image contains all the necessary information for a perfect portrait snapshot which you can proudly use on your profile page or post online.  

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Saving different settings within the app is possible since it remembers each setting used before shooting photos. This way, all lighting remains consistent from one photo session to another, no matter the device used. Also, if you ever need more control over light configuration while using flash. Unique capture modes can adjust contrasts between highlights and shadows quickly and easily.

In addition, it also includes specialized modes — including portrait mode- allowing users to shoot perfect self-portraits. That is with their phone simplifying filming headshots entirely; Meanwhile, landscape mode offers an excellent field-of-view to capture more family members into a single frame at once.

Its Cloud storage compatibility means any captured image can be uploaded immediately onto a personal computer saved directly from the device. For example, Dropbox or Google Cloud Storage allows users to access their photos from anywhere in the world with internet access, unlike Snapchat lost forever after 24 hours.

Features of Complomacro APK:

  1. AI-Assisted Photo Shoot

This app offers advanced AI-assisted photo shoot capability to give your photos an almost-instant makeover. This premium feature lets you get a perfect headshot with just a single click and without manual adjustments or tweaking.

2. Customized Settings for Each Photo:

The app has custom settings for each photo, allowing you to quickly adjust the details. That details are like exposure, white balance, saturation, brightness, and more so that you can find the perfect setting to ensure your headshot looks perfect every time.

3. Real-time Preview of Photos

You can get an instant preview of how your photos will look once they are taken before they have been shot. This makes the whole process quick and easy, allowing you to adjust settings in real-time before taking a picture.

4. High Definition Filters

The app also comes with HD filters which allow you to enhance or modify the colors and vibrancy of your photos quickly for a stylish finish without any manual work or post-processing involved. You can also access exclusive Color Mapping tools, which let you choose from numerous pre-defined effects. All that can depend on which mood or feel you want in your pictures.

More Features Of The App

5. Powerful Editing Features

The Complomacro APK gives you access to powerful editing features such as cropping and resizing, straightening and adjusting shadows or highlights. As a result, it has become more accessible than ever for anyone to create stunning photos immediately.

6. Automated Retouching Tool

The app comes with an automated retouching tool that not only diminishes imperfections caused by light sources. But on the other hand, it also helps reduce skin blemishes while preserving details like scars or beauty marks. That is, to give a clean headshot like a hacker uses soft retouching functions like blurring edges that usually require advanced skills and knowledge to operate correctly.


Overall, note that once the photos are edited, they can be shared on all major social media networks instantly, ensuring maximum reachability with one click away.

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