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DefSquid APK v1.6.3 (Latest Version) – Free Download


20 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name DefSquid APK
Latest Version v1.6.3
Last Updated 20 March 2023
Publisher TrustSol
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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The data privacy is becoming a major problem and a point of concern for the internet users around the world. The individuals and the governments are ruling out regulation for the technology companies to respect the data privacy of the users. The internet is in a continuous threat from the attackers who are breaching the security protocols, threating to identify and data of the users. The users want to protect their personal data from the internet providers and the other social media sites. For these purposes, VPN are used, which protect your IP addresses and location. But many of the VPNs are not even secure, and they also leak your data privacy. Are you an Android TV, Android phone or Fire TV Stick / Cube user and want to secure your private information like your location data, personal identity, and browsing history, then download DefSquid APK.

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About DefSquid APK

The DefSquid APK is a security app which protects and maintain privacy and identity-related data privacy issues  on Fire TV Stick & Android phones. The app is a complete security app where you can control and monitor all the data privacy related settings. The DefSquid has the VPN Security-, DNS Leak-, Speed- and Geo Location check features. Using the VPN security feature you can ensure and checks whether the website or an app is leaking your important and vital data information’s like Location data, personal identity, browsing history. Thus, this app can be used as a VPN but can also give you a complete control over your VPN setting and monitoring.

In addition to that the DefSquid also protect its users from Virus, malwares ransomware and phishing protection which are becoming frequent day by day. The world of internet is expanding at the exponential rate, which makes the internet also vulnerable to the attacks. The traditional method of virus attacks is changing as the cheaters and the potential threating individuals have started to use sophisticated technology and programming tools to breach the data privacy. But Now with DefSquid app you can have access to the most updated and most secures from leading antivirus capabilities which can gives you the best online web protection while surfing and using the internet the DefSquid App gives you the tools to stand tall in the face of these would-be cybercriminals, so you can live your digital life to the fullest.

More About DefSquid APK

Another great feature of the app is the Cleaner and Booster feature.  The app monitors overall security and also guides you to the choices for the presentation and keeps you in the know if any action is need. With DefSquid’s cleaner, keep your device safe and clean by deleting files, junk and fixing system vulnerability. With Booster, you can boost the performance of your device by analyzing and improving system resources.

Features DefSquid APK

  • Best Data Privacy Protection app

The DefSquid is a data privacy protection app with a simple straigforward promise: To protect your data privacy in internet and solve the issues related to your identity and information’s in online world and internet.

  • Complete Monitoring

The app ensures you have a complete monitoring of your data. That’s why the app hve a VPN security, DNS leak check, Geo Location checking system which gives you insights into your online presence privacy.

  • Protections from Malwares and Ransomwares

The app also detect the potential viruses and Malwares which can potentially harm you. The app automatically detect the threats and delete and eliminate the harmful file and app.

  • Cleaner and Booster

Keep your phone and device free of junks files through cleaner and boost the performance using the booster feature of the DefSquid app.


The DefSquid is a complete data privacy protection app which respect’s and protects your internet data privacy. With this app, enjoys the best data security for your multiple devices and let be protected from Data breaches, virus and Ransomware threats. Want to be free of worries about your data privacy, then don’t go anywhere. DefSquid is ready to download right now.

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