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Dekamara Game APK v0.4.02 (Latest Version) Free Download


27 June 2023 (12 months ago)

App Name Dekamara Game APK
Latest Version v 0.4.02
Last Updated 27 June 2023
Publisher PsychoSeel
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.6/5 Rating (9)

Dekamara Game APK is an android fighting and role playing game that is full of action, drama, and thrill. In this game players take on the role of Dekamara, who vigilantly out maneuver adversaries with unique combat skills and tactics. Players are given authority to choose their Dekamara from diverse range of options including warriors and cunning magicians. Each of them has unique abilities and qualities. In this game, players defeat the enemy, are gang stealing goods from people, using different techniques, including punching, dodging, Jumping, poking, and much more. Players are given limited moves to accomplish the goal and defeat the enemy, so they should properly utilize the opportunity and smash the enemy. Games mechanics are very intriguing and straightforward.

Dekamara Game APK pushes the boundaries of the role-playing and fighting game genres provide unmatched gaming experience to all enthusiasts of these genre. In this fighting game warriors and magicians encounter in battles and the one having good skills and strategy wins. All the players, be it professionals or noobs, can easily understand the gameplay and enjoy this fighting game because of its intuitive and simple interface. On winning the fights, players are given new rewards that they can utilize later in the game.

About Dekamara Game APK

Games that test players’ ability to survive and engage in warfare place a strong emphasis on their ability to rely solely on themselves. Similar to this, many gamers are drawn to the fighting and combative game genres. The player’s capacity to defend themselves and take advantage of opportunities to beat foes is also put to the test in these games. Dekamara Game APK is one such entertaining combat and adventure game with an engaging gameplay.

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Engage in exhilarating fights where every move counts. Main objective of player is to defeat their enemies by proper planning, clever strategy and tactics. This game push combat skills and fighting abilities of players to limits and force them to go out of the box in order to outmaneuver their adversaries. Players take on the role of Dekamara, a special character who vigilantly fights with foes. They can manually select their own Dekamara from provided options, including warriors and cunning magicians. Each Dekamara has unique abilities and combating skills. Players have to make right decision of choosing the Dekamara in order to turn the tide of battle in their favor.

More About the App

Dekamara Game APK features a captivating single-player mode, where players can embark on a thrilling journey through an engaging storyline. So, immerse yourself in the realm of Dekamara by undertaking the challenging missions of defeating the enemies and uncovering mysteries along the way. Each mission and challenge has its own pros and intensity. Diversity of these challenges keeps players hocked for long time without making them bored. Each mission presents its own challenges and rewards, allowing players to delve deeper into the intricacies of the Dekamara universe. In order to defeat the enemies players must use a variety of moves, such as punching, juggling, jumping, and zoning.

The user-friendly design and intriguing gameplay of this game will keep players interested. As they go up against their biggest foes, it will put their tenacity and resilience to the test. Players should tactically plan the entire attack and hit the target after analyzing his weak places to avoid damage and attacks from their enemies. This game’s cutting edge graphics and exquisitely produced backgrounds, which provide realistic effects, are one of its noteworthy characteristics. The visuals and soundtrack complement the storyline of the game and attract the players. As the game progresses, players get bonus rewards and get stronger in the game. Visually, Dekamara Game APK is a feast for the eyes. Immerse yourself in a world of stunning graphics, where intricate details and vibrant colors breathe life into every aspect of the game.

Features of Dekamara Game APK

Captivating Graphics

The graphics of Dekamara Game APK are enchanting, from the captivating battle grounds to the advanced urban landscapes, each place has its own vibe. Developers have beautifully crafted and designed the backgrounds to captivate player’s senses and enhance gaming experience. Realistic effects and nitty gritty detail of each background and environment adds another layer of immersion to overall gameplay.

Engaging gameplay

Because of the game’s engaging gameplay, gamers will never grow tired of it. The entire series of events and duties captures the attention of players and forces them to play this exciting game.

Play with friends

Dekamara Game APK allows users to play this game with their friends through its online multiplayer mode. So, challenge you friends and test their combat skills against your skills and outmaneuver them. Different fighting techniques

Different fighting techniques

In Dekamara Game APK, players can use variety of strategies and techniques to outmaneuver their enemies and accomplish mission. This includes punching, dodging, juggling, and much more. They can also use guns as the game progresses. Moreover, as the game progress, they can unlock more weapons to defeat the enemies.

Intriguing storyline

In this fighting game, players are given the task of taking role of Dekamara, fighting with enemies and accomplishing other missions along the way. Players fight with the gang, rescue the goods and give them back to their owner. This game contains the original and classic essence of the fighting game and brings back old memories.

Daily rewards

On completing and winning the fights, players are given rewards that make them stronger and more resilient in the future to make them stronger in front of their enemies.


If you are a fan of classic fighting games, then Dekamara Game APK is the perfect choice for you. Dekamara Game APK is an entertaining adventure game with intriguing challenges and endless amusement for its user. The player’s main aim is to defeat the adversary by employing the most remarkable fighting abilities and organizing the entire attack. The game has cutting edge graphics with vibrant visual effects and beautifully crafted backgrounds. Moreover, its storyline is very engaging, and its mechanics are also straightforward and simple. So, download this game and enjoy the different yet interesting fighting game on your mobile phone.

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