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Paper By Wetransfer APK v6.1.5 [Latest Version] Download

WeTransfer BV

18 April 2024 (2 days ago)

App Name Paper By Wetransfer
Latest Version v5.3.1
Last Updated 18 April 2024
Publisher WeTransfer BV
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Productivity
Size 11 MB
3.9/5 Rating (21)

Paper By Wetransfer APK is an intuitive application for people who love sketching. The application is designed so that users could make beautiful pictures and use them on their social media platforms. You can also start a business out of it if you pitch the idea neatly. There are many accounts only on Instagram which have a huge fan following just because of stuff like these. The sketchbook on this app has been managed beautifully and has been arranged on a shelf as we do at our homes so that we could find the previous work that we did, easily without wasting too much time. The main area that has been the focus in this app is its simplicity. It enables you to make stuff like drawings, notes, quick notes, and sketches. 

About Paper By Wetransfer APK

There is a huge number of people on the internet who keep searching for stuff like this but because of numerous reasons, they cannot get the exact stuff they were looking for. Addressing the concern of those valuable users, we have uploaded this application on our site so that the artists could benefit from it without having to stress themselves out by searching through different websites. Paper By Wetransfer APK is an engaging and personalized app developed by well-known engineers for the welfare of people who love art. 

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The app has been serving a lot of people for a while now and almost all of them have been able to achieve their goal of using this app. This can be prove by looking at the sweet and positive reviews that they post on the app after using it. Many users use the app so that could increase their account engagements. We feel delighted to tell you that due to the professional templates and invaluable edits, the content users create through this app has helped thousands of social media users in increasing their traffic. 

Features of Paper By Wetransfer APK

  • Innovative templates 

You can find splendid templates that will beautify your content and will make it more presentable to the public whether it be a social media post or if you are planning to share it with your loved ones. This is a magnificent opportunity for you to make your image look more professional in your circle. 

  • Seamless usage

The pages can easily be handled by fingers or a stylus. You can see the page in full screen by double-tapping on it or you can swipe on the page to move it anywhere on the screen. 

  • Multi-touch capability 

This is one feature that most apps lack when it comes to this category. With this feature, you can multitask on your screen and handle more than one page. 

  • In-app purchases 

Although many beneficial features are available for free as well, if you want your sketching experience to the next level then you have the option to purchase stuff like brushes, sketchbooks, and much more. 

  • Digital diary

You can make it your digital diary if you want by noting down your favorite moments from your day-to-day activities. 


You might need another best friend in your life and if it is something that could always stay with you then it makes it more beautiful. Make Paper By Wetransfer APK your new friend and give it the chance to serve you with your daily activities. You can use it as a sketchbook or you can use it as a personal diary. The choice is all yours, this app just promises to provide the best service out there. Download the app by going to the link and enjoy your time with this great platform. 

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  • Priya

    1 year ago

    The app is good

  • Precious

    1 year ago

    omg so cute