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Gacha Sandglass APK

Gacha Sandglass APK v1.1.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


25 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Gacha Sandglass APK
Latest Version v1.1.0
Last Updated 25 February 2023
Publisher GachaSandglass
Requires Android 4.4 and up
1.7/5 Rating (3)

For the people who love adventure games, here is something exciting for you all. Enjoy the endless adventure with Gacha Sandglass APK on your android smartphone for free of cost. The game is famous for letting the users have all the control over various aspects of the game like character personalization, arena settings, sound adjustments, and much more. You will be able to design the whole character for yourself in this game starting from scratch. The whole game is about an adventurous journey where you meet new people, some of whom become your friends and others choose to become your enemy. You will be joining hands with your friends in the game and take on the filthy enemy who is trying to sabotage your world by ruining it and causing distress among people.

About Gacha Sandglass APK

The game size is reasonable considering the phones that almost have two GB of RAM will not take too much of it and will run smoothly. The good thing about the game is the variety that users get in the character selection because there are thousands of options and each option comes with a fantastic creative outlook which we believe is going to be the thing that most users will love about this game. Moreover, most of the features are offered for free in the game. But certain things require you to get a membership before being able to access them otherwise you will just have to stick with the free features. 

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The game is available in the Chinese language but if you do not understand Chinese and wish to play it in any other language then do not worry because this option is also available in the game. You will be getting an option for multi-languages which will help you play the game in the language that you understand.

Features of Gacha Sandglass APK

  1. Adventure 

The game falls under the genre of adventure which is the most famous genre when it comes to games because of the suspense and curiosity in the games. 

  • Dress-ups 

When it comes to the character outfits then you will get endless variety in this segment and you can make your character wear anything that suits you for free. Almost all the outfits are for free. Both premium and free users can benefit from this feature. 

  • Interactions 

There will be numerous other characters in the game. You as the protagonist will be interacting with them and making new friends so that you could build a squad for yourself for the adventure that you will be going on.

  • Premium membership 

You can buy a membership in the game if you want to explore new features. It is offered at a reasonable and minimal price. 

  • Challenges 

You will be given several missions in the game that you will be competing with your squad. The missions will differ in the difficulty level some of them will be easy and a few of them will also be difficult. 


There is a large segment of the gaming community that loves adventure games. For all of them, we are coming up with the Gacha Sandglass APK which we believe will meet their expectations because this has got every requirement covere in the area of adventure. The highlighted feature of the game is the characters and their outfit because they make the game stand out among others. You will be getting a huge variety of outfits according to the latest fashion and style in society. Moreover, there are different stages that users have to cross until they reach the final mission and complete it too. 

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