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Game Vortex APK v2.0 (Latest Version) Free Download


31 July 2023 (12 months ago)

App Name Game Vortex APK
Latest Version v2.0
Last Updated 31 July 2023
Publisher FahrezONE
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3/5 Rating (2)

You need Game Vortex APK if you are crazy game lover and an android user too. This app will make you feel delighted about your phone’s performance as soon as you get this on your device. The app basically boost your device’s overall performance by optimizing system resources and processes. This is done by freeing up the storage taken by unwanted files that are there in your device and are not being used in any activity. Other such processes are also involved in this which we will discover in this short article as we proceed. The app also offers a fantastic feature which is real time monitoring of your PC and the CPU. It helps save your system from any kind of overload that could protentially result in heating up your device and giving birth to unwanted problems becuause it has major repercussions.

Another thing that Game Vortex APK will perform for you in the RAM optimization. This feature is essential in making sure that necessary RAM is available for the game to be play peacefully because if happened otherwise then you might face issues like laggings and slow loading rates of your game as the processing gets slow down. You do not have to put in hard efforts to do these tasks, these all processes are just one click away. The app is giving the users the option of one tap optimization which means that you can increase your device speed just in one click. It will start doing the job right after receiving the instructions from you as your click on the button. You can set individual goals for various games if you want a customization feature in this app, this is now possible.

About Game Vortex APK

Game Vortex APK automatically detects and closes any background activity that is slowing down your device RAM that you are in dire need of. So, any unnecessary task that is affecting your game is wash away by this platform.

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Apart from helping with the device settings, this also assists the users save their precious data as well because the app helps them with setting the most preferred internet setting which will then enable them to save a lot of their data and money. It has built in tools to capture the moments from the game that mean something to you. You can record them in the form of a screenshot or a screen recording. The recording will then be save in your gallery or you can change it in settings by enabling the offline save that remains in the app only.

Features of Game Vortex APK:

Driver updates
You will not have to waste your important time on searching for different drivers for the game online or buying drivers from any seller that could possibly cost you a lot but this app will automatically detect any update and do it for you.

  1. FPS tracking

it tracks frames per second of the display to better understand how the device is giving the output and also it ensures that improvements are made continously to the app.

  1. Anti-cheat support

provides the device to improve compatibility with the anti-cheat softwares commonly used on the online platforms nowadays.

  1. Fan speed control

Now you can control the speed of your fan when you are playing the game on your PC. This will give the authority of controlling device temperature in your hands as a user and player of the game.

  1. Game statistics

Make sure that you are playing the game as well as keeping a sharp eye on the statistics or the leaderboard that is telling you the exact spot where you stand in the global scenario.


Game Vortex APK productivity app that helps you do numerous stuff which you cannot do without installing it. This will enhance the overall system of your device and govern how it works under pressure. It will also give it a lifeline by assisting it in various tasks by taking the burden from the device’s shoulders and lessening it a bit so that the system refreshes itself and restarts with more control and speed.

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