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Hesap 2.0 APK

Hesap 2.0 APK (Latest Version) – Download For Android

Garena International

4 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Hesap 2.0 APK
Latest Version v2.0
Last Updated 4 February 2023
Publisher Garena International
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Hesap 2.0 APK is an android application that enhances the gaming experience of players of PUBG. With the aid of the user-friendly Hesap 2.0 APK for Android devices, fans of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds may experience immersive and perfect gaming (PUBG). The software is equipped with features that provide a fun and easy experience. To begin playing, just download and install the app, log in with your PUBG account, and choose Solo or Duo mode. Press the start game button on the home screen to start the game and get ready for battle. The app offers two game modes: Solo, where you play against other players on a single map, and Duo, where two players team up to battle against other teams.

About the Hesap 2.0 APK

Are you sick of experiencing PUBG network troubles or lagging gameplay? If so, Hesap 2.0 Base APK for Android has you covered, so stop searching. A complete PUBG experience, including the brand-new Battle Royale mode, is provided via this standalone software. While two players partner up to compete against other teams of players in Duo mode, you will face off against other players on a single map in Solo mode. We advise playing in Solo mode for a balanced and consistent gaming experience. Once you’ve decided on a mode, press “START GAME” to begin the combat.

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But that’s not all; Hesap 2.0 Base APK also gives you access to a number of PUBG modifications. These modifications have the ability to alter a variety of game elements, including player ammo levels and item behavior. Mods can change the game’s difficulty or include new features. The nicest thing about Hesap 2.0 Base APK is that it gives users a free account with access to all of the game’s features. This implies that you are free to join any open game, explore the map, and engage in competitive map-control battles. The account also grants unrestricted access to in-game equipment including cars and weapons. Even better, you may upgrade your account for access to extra features and advantages like more XP, quicker mobility across the battlefield, and priority in server queues.

Don’t worry if you ever forget your password or lose your account. There are various ways to back up and restore your account. By logging in to PUBG Base and going to the Account submenu, you may save your account. By selecting Forgot Password or My Account and providing your email address, you may reset your password. Never write down your passwords or login details since they can be easily stolen if they end up in the wrong hands.

Features of the Hesap 2.0 APK

  • In-game Battle Royale

The whole game, including the well-liked Battle Royale mode, is available on the app.

  • Independent app

The game may be played without a network or internet connection because the app is a standalone version of PUBG.

  • Various modes

You may select from a variety of game types in Hesap 2.0 APK, including Solo and Duo variants.

  • Access to everything

Players may sign up for a free account on the app to enjoy all of the game’s features, including unlimited usage of in-game equipment like guns and vehicles.

  • Account improvements

Players may upgrade their accounts with the use of this program to have access to more features and advantages.

  • Account restoration

If you lose your account or forget your password, the app gives alternatives to store and retrieve it.

  • Security

To prevent theft, the app advises users to never write down their login credentials or passwords.


Hesap 2.0 Base APK for Android is the ideal option for an uninterrupted PUBG experience. There is no better way to play PUBG on your Android device, with its seamless gameplay, free account, and access to modifications. So, install the app now and prepare for the ultimate Battle Royale experience.

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