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Nesine APK v3.0.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


19 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Nesine APK
Latest Version v3.0.2
Last Updated 19 March 2023
Publisher Nesine
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Sports like Football, Basketball, Tennis and many other games have billions of fans following around the world. Every fans passionate and interest to watch and be update on every development and matches happening in their favorite sports. Everyone have a favorite sports that’s really ignites its passion and energy and we do everything to know more about that. There are many apps which are providing news and information about the recent news and updates happening in the sports world but with limited features. Do you really want to turn your passion into earning through live gambling and bets on live games and tournaments so, Download Nesine APK for your Android Phone.

About Nesine APK

Nesine APK is a Turkish app develop for worldwide fans of sports. It provides latest sport news of every major events happening in the world. You can find news regarding soccer, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, rugby, and football. The app would enable you to be update with every match of your favorite teams and events. This would make sure that you are not missing any match update and don’t ever miss to watch your favorite team and players in the action in the field. Another cool thing about Nesine is the live time commentary.

Moreover, the Nesine provides you with live Commentary of every match and event in English and Turkish Language. The app gambling feature enable you to earn moneys and coins while betting on the live matches and results. There are many games and sports where you can bet on. If you win a bet, your credit and profile coins would be updated instantly and you can withdrawal your coins and cash easily and effectively. The most popular among is the betting on Horse races, which are very full of coins and more winning opportunities.  The categorization and listing of the events and sports in the app makes it very easy to follow the updates of each sports and major events.

Another great feature is the Lotteries. You can participate in real time lotteries once you get registered on the App and can have a chance to earn real time cash. This feature is perfect for everyone, even he or she has little information about gambling or don’t have a prior knowledge of sports.

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Features of Nesine APK

  • Latest Sport News

The Nesine app has a simple promise to its users: To provide all the updates,informations and live streaming of the major sports events happening around the world. Nesine is the hub of every details and updates about sports schedules and fixtures.

  • Betting and Earning

Not every sport news app provides this feature, But Nesine does. Using this app you can bet and gamble on individual matches and events. If you are good at gamble and betting, then there Is a good chance that you can earn good sum of real money.

  • Categorization

The app has categorize every information available on the app. You can find every update and matches fixtures in very easy way. The content list and tabs makes it very easy to navigate the app.

  • No registeration Needed

The app doesn’t need you to register on the platform.  You just to open the app and app would automatically create a unique id for you which you can use to sign in to the platform.


Sports fans would rejoice upon this news. Now, don’t miss any news and updates about your favorite teams and never miss you to watch your favorite team in the action. With user friendly interface and design, the app is perfect for everyone. With earning option through gambling and betting, this app would not disappoint you. Why don’t give it a try and see what’s it offer? Nesine is ready to download right now.

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