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  • Android 4.4 and up+
  • Version: 13.1.5

Updated to version 13.1.5 !

O’Dialer APK has an effortless and modern customizable UI that is intuitive to use and navigate without any hassle. It’s designed to give the user complete control with a few simple swipes and taps, allowing them to quickly find contacts, attach files, add recent numbers to the call logs and more.

It comes with a reliable address book which automatically collects your contacts from different sources including Gmail and Facebook. So you always have access to the latest information about your contact from friends, family, colleagues no matter where they are located.

The O’Dialer app offers users the ability to share multimedia items such as photos via text message directly through the interface. Photos can be taken right within the app or grabbed from your mobile phone gallery so you can quickly send something out in seconds rather than having to transfer it manually via another service or application.

With this app you can easily record all incoming or outgoing calls directly on your smartphone device with just one tap of a button! This feature could be especially useful for business applications when trying to document a distant client call or simply put together media clips for future reference or presentations instantly at any time.

About O’Dialer APK

O’Dialer APK is a powerful and intuitive stock dialer app developed and released by O’Dialer Ltd. It supports multiple conference or business calls, speed-dialing as well as advanced features such as Blacklist, Do not Disturb Mode, Contacts backup or sharing, real-time recording and more. With an easy to use interface and helpful features like group messaging, it is the perfect tool for staying connected on the go.

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Another great feature of this app is its capability for creating tags for groups of connections that can be made within moments for streamlined communication times later on down the line when potential customers come up again during conversations over text messages too.

Many traditional dialers are rigid by nature but O’Dialer gives users full flexibility when it comes to customizing their dashboard features, ensuring utmost convenience pertaining needs across different segments such as favorites, history log, SPAM filter etc., all of which support individual preferences too.

Features of the O’Dialer APK

1. Truecaller Integration: The O’Dialer APK comes with Truecaller integration which helps users to search and stay protected from telemarketers and other unwanted calls.

2. Unified Contacts: It makes all of the user’s contact information easily accessible in one place, along with detailed statistics about each contact for enhanced communication.

3. Smart Grouping: you can automatically groups contacts based on the frequency of interactions. So to make it easier to keep track and manage important conversations from within the chat window.

4. Enhanced Caller ID: The Caller ID feature has been upgraded with a dual-layer mechanism. Which is recognize both text messages as well as missed calls from an unknown number. It is a buzz everyone needs today!

5. Record and Store Calls: Users also get an opportunity to record and store every conversation. For the personal or professional purposes right away. Through using their own cloud storage facility integrated directly into this latest update of O’Dialer app

6.Voice Mode Settings: Apart from offering basic features like call forwarding and dialing international numbers. You can also adjust your Voice Mode settings according to your preference. Like low ring tones or loud buzzing alarms for incoming calls etcetera.

7. Advanced Intelligent Dialer System: Last but not least, O’Dialer comes with an advanced intelligent dialer system. Which allows users to speed up their day-to-day tasks by making quick yet accurate decisions about the caller’s identity. To ensure secure communication at all times.


Lastly, there are some advanced settings that allow you to protect yourself from unwanted calls. Also protects your privacy related functions like enabling services basic authentication methods. Like PIN codes for extra protection whenever avoiding insecure networks. Since no data is stored externally without proper encryption protocols being applied beforehand. First before algorithms get into practice software wise speaking here.

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