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Pokemon Sleep APK

Pokemon Sleep APK v0.9.0 (Latest Version) Free Download

The Pokémon Company

18 July 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Pokemon Sleep APK
Latest Version v0.9.0
Last Updated 18 July 2023
Publisher The Pokémon Company
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.5/5 Rating (2)

Pokemon Sleep APK is one such game that you need to install on your smart device if you want something to track your sleep and provide you with all the information about how others see you while you are taking a nap. The app has been designed to enable users get the details that matter to them when it comes to recording their sleep cylces. You can predict from the description so far that how cool and supportive this platform is going to be if you are having issues with your sleep and finding it tough to have a peaceful sleep for a while now.

The name Pokemon in the title refers to the world wide famous cartoon. After you wake up from your sleep, you will see that your device will record all the sleep styles that you adopted over night. The sleep styles will be shown in the form of a cartoon. When you go to bed, make sure you keep your device on the pillow and do not keep it under it or under the blanket as there are chances that it will get over heated if you do that. Keeping it there will allow the app to better understand how you sleep as a result it will increase the efficieny and accuracy so that the users could benefit from the platform without any worries.

About Pokemon Sleep APK

Pokemoon Sleep APK prepares a nice and neat report of your sleep. Get up in the morning and find out how long did you sleep, whether you snored or talked in your sleep or not. In what styles did you sleep and much more. The app is going to be very productive for the users who suffer from problems like Insomnia as it perfectly elaborates the time that you spend remaining unconcious in bed. This app could prove to be a life changing product for such users as it can also help their doctors to understand their patients better and prescribe good treatment.

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Apart from the things that we told above, this app will also help users with telling them what they are lacking in a way for a better sleep time. The suggestions and the recommendations in the app are a perfect things for such users who want some assistance with this issue. It tailors the suggestions according to the requirement of the user by assessing their sleep and finding out what they are the things that need to be addressed. This way, you can smoothen your path towards adopting a habit of perfect bed time if you do not currently have.

More About the App

Moreover, Pokemon Sleep APK provides guided meditations and relaxation exercises so that the people who are using it could get the best out of this package. These exercises are not available in any other app as they all are just focusing on recording the sleep cycle and not giving users the tips they need to improve their condition. So, downloading this app, you are getting a bonus feature together with the main utilities that the app has to offer you. The fact that how it presents your overall sleep is so interesting. As you will see it in the form of a creative cartoon design so it will build your interest in what this apk file does instantly. The Gift of Hedone APK is also a role playing game that you can enjoy.

Sleep integration is one of the best things that you will find in the app. It integrates your health condition with your sleep so you could better understand yourself and your body. This is very crucial especially for our generation because we are involve in so many unhealthy stuffs that we do not care about our health anymore.

Features of Pokemon Sleep APK:

  1. Notes

You will be able to find some notes after you wake up. They will contain funny and captivating captions about your night went.

2. comparision

This enables you to know better the conditions under which you get a nice sleep and the days when you suffer while sleeping.

3. Challenges

It will identify the challenges that you are having in getting a good sleep. To eradicate and overcome those challenges, you can head to the section where you have been provided with all the expert advices to make your life healthier.

4. Score

Over night, the app records how you sleep and in the morning it gives a rating in the form of score. We believe that by knowing this score each day, you will be able to work on yourself and prevent yourself from any sleep deficiencies that you might encounter.

5. Duration

It will allow you to get the data of your sleep duration. When did you wake up during the night, when did you sleep again and all other necessary information that matter to you will be given to you in the best form.


Pokemon Sleep APK is a file that we all must have because in today’s world, we all face different hurdles in our lives that put us in vulnerable conditions like major health concerns and most importantly sleep deficeincies. If you are going through such a thing then we welcome you to this app that will play a role of a nurse in your life and hold your hand in getting you out of this issue that you are facing. Not having good sleep can have adverse affects on your overall health as for a perfect functioning of human body it is inevitable to have a peacful time in bed away from all the disturbances that we have around us.

You can input your information in the app before starting to use it. Doing this is important because it will help the app to analyze your condition better and look into the stuff that you need to change in your lifestyle so that you enhance and polish your lifestyle. After you are done using it for a month or two, download your reports and take them to your doctor, tell him to go through them and see what are the issue that are bothering you. Medically speaking, this platform is going to be a life changing experience for you and for those around you. So, do not wait any longer, press the download button now.

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