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Project M Netease APK

Project M Netease APK v1.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Amogh Subhedar

18 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Project M Netease APK
Latest Version v1.1
Last Updated 18 March 2023
Publisher Amogh Subhedar
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (1)

Gamers all over the world knows the value of online Shooting and Battling Games with their favorite Characters onboard. Shooting and fighting games offers its fans an ultimate gaming experience and fans being crazy about everything the Game Offers. Do you want to have a different experience of your Favorite shooting game, Velorant and had a same characters like including Omen, Sova, Sage, and Reyna of the Velorant Riots Games. Do you want use the skills like drones, are shiny walls, Rayna blinds, and Omen smoke and Want an Ultimate Shooting Experience. You never had before with more friendly interface, unique designs and many more features. Why you are waiting, Download Project Project M Netease APK Today.

About Project M Netease APK

First of All, Project M Netease APK is a game developed by NetEase. Who are a community inspire by Super Mash Brothers Melanie’s Gameplay. The Famous Shooting Game with special additional Features, characters and special effects and interfere. Which makes Project M Netease APK an interesting shooting game for the shooting gamers all around the world.  The Project M Netease is believed to be the clone of the Famous and Hit Shooting Game Riot VALORANT. Which was developed by Riots Games. After watching the Trailer of Project M Netease APK. We can clearly infer that the game is being highly influence by Valorant. There are many characters which are being cloned and copied from the Valorant, like clones of Omen, Sova, Sage, Reina, and other riot agents, with Special features and skills like drones, shiny walls, Rayna blinds, and Omen smoke.


Moreover, This may really be a not good news for the Valorant Community and Players. But we suggest you to give it a try and we are expecting a best shooting gaming experience for you. Game features sharp gunplay in its 5v5 tactical FPS way. The game features different Hero abilities, find and hunt and kill option, and Search modes will all be available in this most awaited shooting game. The game offers characters many skills and tactics with your favorite Characters. You would experience age’s Barrier wall to Sova’s drone to Brimstone’s tactical smoke.

Another thing which is interesting about Project M Netease APK is the availability of many control options, different moving styles and character rebuilding option, which makes this Game interesting to play.

Features Project M Netease APK

  • Best Shooting Experience

Thus, Project M Netease is a shooting game with a promise of ultimate shooting experience. You would be playing in 5v5 bouts on a diverse and large Map to fit your whole game and have to knock out your opponent with special tactics and skills, which are available in the Game.

  • Best Heroes and Characters

In Project M Netease, you have the option of selecting your favorite hero, from a large list, which game offers to you. You can choose Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Dr Mario, Mewtwo, and Roy.

  • Different Levels

The game have different level of Complexity. From Beginner to Expert, you can choose your preference. Thus, if you are playing this for first time, don’t worry. Try Beginner Level.

  • Variety of Modes

The Game offer variety of Modes to play. You can play in Combo mode and Search and Destroy mode where you can even you can even plant and defuse a bomb that looks like spike.


In conclusion, Project M Netease APK is a complete package for all the shooting fans around the world. With some same features available in Valorant but the variety of characters with additional option of Skills, Guns and Tactics make it worth playing. Don’t worry to where to download it. Project M Netease is just a click away from Download. Download Project M Netease is ready to download now!

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