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Pubg Mobile Lite APK v0.24.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Level Infinite

17 December 2022 (1 year ago)

App Name Pubg Mobile Lite APK
Latest Version v0.24.0
Last Updated 17 December 2022
Publisher Level Infinite
Requires Android 10.0 and up
5/5 Rating (1)

Want to play PUBG but cannot afford a heavy smartphone? If yes, then do not worry because we have brought to you Pubg Mobile Lite APK that will enable you to enjoy all the features of PUBG even if you do not have large storage and RAM in your mobile phone. The design of this app is specially for users who are unable to afford to buy expensive phones with huge RAMs. If you are one of them then avail this great opportunity and do not let die your dream of becoming the best PUBG player like XQF Zhu Bocheng.

This was a big challenge for the developers of PUBG as they were unable to facilitate the users who belonged to the low-budget range of the community. That is why after deep research and a lot of hard work, this version has been introduced in the market which is already making sounds as millions of people from around the world are joining the PUBG community. 

About Pubg Mobile Lite APK

The app as we mentioned above takes much less storage and terminal memory. But this version will be lacking some features which are available in the original version like visuals and the number of simultaneous players. It was not possible to shrink the app size unless these amendments were not done. But that does not mean that the players will not enjoy the game like people with the bigger version do, gamers will be able to exceed all the features that the other one has in this lite version as well after downloading it via our site. The app runs very smoothly on devices with low RAMs which is the specialty of this app, it allows everyone to have fun and enjoy their favorite game. 

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The rules are the same as the original version. Your role is to survive a shrinking and minacious setting of players and be the man who stays till the end without dying or you could say the last one standing. Being victorious in this game is not easy as you must have seen people playing it on their phones. It requires great skill and presence of mind to play smartly and survive in the game. Fortunately, there are good weapons and vehicles which assist players in fighting against the enemy. 

Features of Pubg Mobile Lite APK

Lite version 

The app is a lite version of the PUBG mobile app which is compatible with devices with low internal storage and RAMs. 


The graphics are not the same as the real app but do not worry, they completely stand out from the rest of the games and fall on the expectations of PUBG mobile users. You will not be disappointed at all. 

In-app purchases 

Like the original version, they will offer you various opportunities of purchasing different stuff in the game like weapons, health kits, armor, and much more. These things are going to be the same in both versions. You can purchase everything present in the bigger version in this one as well. 

No third-party adds

There are no third-party ads in the game, as people who are familiar with this game know that the revenue generation method of PUBG mobile is different from the rest of the gaming world.


The interface is simple and interactive. You are going to get a vibe of the original version this time in this version as well. There is no difference at all, just that you might see a bit of change in the graphics. 


If you have a mid or low-budget device and want to enjoy playing PUBG mobile on that device then here is the chance for you to fulfill that desire. Download Pubg Mobile Lite APK and start playing now. 

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