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Replicate Codeformer APK

Replicate Codeformer APK v1.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


10 October 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Replicate Codeformer APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher Replicate
Requires Android 4.4 and up
2.5/5 Rating (2)

Replicate Codeformer APK is a photo editing tool for android phones. This editor is different from the others available because it uses AI technology to restore old photographs and help the users to relive and cherish the old moments in full swing. This editor restores the old photographs by analyzing the damaged areas and adding colors with definition and sharpness. It has multiple tools, including color adjustment, temperature enhancement, tint, sharpness, and much more which it uses to bring back the original photograph in all its glory. Not just it restores the photographs, but it also detects the face and creates AI-generated photographs. With its advanced algorithm, it analyzes the face structure and creates perfect photographs.

About Replicate Codeformer APK

In this era, technology has taken over all aspects of normal life and is doing wonders. The use of technology is not confined to educational purposes; it also helps users to get entertainment and do many things that were impossible before artificial intelligence. One such thing was the restoration of old photographs. As we all know, photographs are an essential part of our lives; they help us to relive old memories and cherish past events, but over time, photographs become damaged and sometimes get encrypted. But now fortunately, technology has come a long way, and recently a photo editor tool has been launched which uses artificial intelligence to restore old, damaged photographs. This tool is Replicate Codeformer APK, a robust face restoration software for old photographs and AI-generated faces.

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This application detects the face of old photographs and analyzes the whole picture, specifically those areas that need enhancement and restoration. Then it uses inbuilt editing tools such as sharpness, temperature correction, tint, vibrance, and saturation to make the dull old photograph. So now users can restore their childhood photographs that got ruined over time and cherish those beautiful moments again. Moreover, this application allows users to correct multiple photos at once. This ultimately saves a lot of time and makes it feasible for users to restore many photos in a short time. One unique feature of this application is its extensive library of filters that users can apply to their photographs. Additionally, these filters can be customized to give a signature look to all photos.

Features of Replicate Codeformer APK

Restoring old photographs

With the help of this amazing application, users can renew their old childhood photographs that got ruined over time. This helps them to live their childhood moments again and adore the memories.

Face Restoration

Replicate Codeformer APK is primarily designed to restore faces in old photographs. It analyzes the face using AI technology and works on the damaged area.

AI technology

Replicate Codeformer APK is powered by AI technology and uses it to do wonders. AI helps users to analyze and renew old photos.

Easy to use.

This application has user-friendly interference and is easily used by everyone. Users can easily upload photographs they want to restore and get the results immediately.

Multiple photographs restoring

Replicate Codeformer APK allows users to upload multiple photographs at once. This ultimately saves a lot of time and makes it feasible for users to restore many photos in a short time.

High-quality output

Replicate Codeformer APK gives high-quality resorted photographs with the perfect balance of light and saturation. Users can even print these photographs.


Replicate Codeformer APK is a revolutionizing photo editing tool powered by AI technology. It restores damaged photographs, especially faces, with the help of AI technology. It generates high-quality photographs and allows users to edit multiple photographs simultaneously. This tool does wonders as it helps people to relive and cherish their memories. Whether users renew their photographs or want to improve the picture quality by removing distortion, Replicate Codeformer APK is a great choice. 

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  • Sridhar

    1 year ago

    Good for everyone

  • Sanju sir

    1 year ago

    Ok this app good