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Suika Game APK

Suika Game APK v3.1.3 [Latest] Download For Android

BOGN studio

10 October 2023 (6 months ago)

App Name Suika Game APK
Latest Version v3.1.3
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher BOGN studio
Requires Android 6.0+
Category Puzzle
Size 84.14 MB
0/5 Rating (0)

Suika Game APK is a wonderful adventure-based journey that lets you enter a watermelon universe where you will have the chance to solve different easy and difficult watermelon puzzles. The game has a dynamic watermelon growth system which helps players record the growth process and estimate the time of harvest for being able to use it for puzzle solving purposes. Moreover, it also presents seasonal challenges considering the changes that happen according to the seasons outside. It offers challenges based on the seasons of watermelon harvest and engages users in a transformative experience through its amazing UI and controls.

Moving on this time players will get a bonus feature as well that is melon genetics meaning that they will be able to crossbreed different types of watermelons to generate a unique type of this fruit as well as a brand-new puzzle too. Apart from the seasonal talks, we also consider weather conditions because they also influence the growth and harvest timing. Different weather like sunshine, rain, and storms have a great impact on this process and need to be heeded while playing the game.

Elaborating on this option that is enabled in the game for the noteworthy users. It allows them to live and see the game from different angles. Like playing such a game under difficult circumstances like these will help players understand the true essence of the game and get the best out of it because when things go smoothly without any fluctuations then people find no joy in it and get bore of it very soon. So to spice up things and let you have a best game, some features will play big role here.

About Suika Game APK

Other things that are important to be know about Suika Game APK is the mysterious melon varieties that bring lots of surprises for the users because they get to know about new and interesting varieties of melon that they have never seen before in their lives. So, this is also an important game when you look at it from the knowledge perspective because there is a lot to learn about various fruits in it. The different melon breeds found all around the globe are available to you to explore in the game and if you are a botany enthusiast you are going to love playing this game.

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The game does not defy any scientific more specifically speaking it does not defy any physics laws like multiple games on the internet that blow your mind when you go and check their graphics. So, everything like slicing, rolling, and manipulating the watermelon is done according to the laws of physics that is evident from the amazing graphics that this game has.

In addition to this, there is good news for the pals who love time travel and time travel stories. Some of these features are add to make users understand the concept of this game and how it will help them get smarter in life. for example, the thing that we said about strengthening your botany concepts. By that, we mean if you are a student and you are ask about different fruits then you can instantly answer any question related to them in no time. So, you have a great chance to do this after getting to know this feature that you are being provided with.

Features of Suika Game APK:

  1. Environmental sustainability

In a virtual world like this, players learn about sustainable watermelon farming that is the need of the time because of all the disastrous things happening to our beloved planet.

  • Quantum state melons

The game allows users to incorporate quantum physics in the game allowing them to let melons exist in multiple forms at once. So, download the game to see the miracles of physics.

  • Crafts

You can make creative crafts from the watermelons that you used to do with your siblings, most probably when you were a kid.

  • Global events

You can also take part in various global events like challenges and daily reward-based assignments where you will compete with other players.

  •  Melonography

Players can enable photography mode in the game where they will be able to take real life pictures of melons and analyze them in the game.

More About the App

Suika Game APK does not leave you alone and face all the challenges thrown your way all alone rather it will provide some assistance to you throughout the journey as an aid to let you understand your assignments and also help you solve them without getting yourself in trouble. This whole concept is about melon ecosystem building where you keep watermelons of different varieties at multiple places to attract creatures which ultimately end up becoming your companions in the game. So, this mission can be fun if you are able to build a great team.

You will also have the chance to learn the history of these heavenly fruits. Such games are incomplete without the addition of a musical touch. In this context, the developers have done an impressive job by incorporating sound-base puzzle solving system in which players will not only get a recognition sound when a puzzle is solve but also be able to listen to their favorite music while playing the game.


Suika Game APK gives you a platform to showcase different skills that are important to you. One of them is the focus you have in life. Problem solving is one thing that will evaluate these skills for you and this game does exactly that. Through puzzle solving strategies, it lets you know where you stand intellectually. Start with the simple ones and when you think have mastered the game then go for the real and difficult ones. Because when someone takes one step at a time only then he or she can reach the destination, same goes for games like these. Until and unless you do not learn the main thing you will never enjoy the game to the fullest. Do not forget to refer this game to your closed ones as well because happiness should not be restricted to a one soul only.

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