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Touch It Rikka APK v1.2 [Download App] For Android


14 June 2024 (25 mins ago)

App Name Touch It Rikka
Latest Version v1.2
Last Updated 14 June 2024
Publisher dong134
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Communication
Size 10.1 MB
4/5 Rating (29)

Touch It Rikka APK offers a sleek and intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate, even for less tech users. With clearly labeled sections and pull-down menus, users can easily find the features they’re looking for and play the game with ease and communicate with whom they want.

When you first launch Touch it Rikka APK, you will be prompted to choose your avatar from a wide array of options. You can customize your avatar to look like yourself or create a completely different person or creature altogether! This feature adds an element of personalization to the gaming experience that many other dating apps lack.

Touch it Rikka provides users with a comprehensive chat system for easy communication between players during gameplay. Users can send instant messages, set up private conversations, and even use multimedia content (images, audio clips, videos) in their chats – perfect for flirting with someone special!.

About Touch It Rikka APK

Touch It Rikka is an android dating application for teenager and all kind of individuals gives players certain advantages based on how long they have been playing it. Think bonus points gathering opportunity or extra lives! Such advantages keep players engaged and make the possibility of winning bigger rewards more real while also challenging them to become better gamers over time. 

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The more you play Touch It app, the higher level you will reach; each level is rewarded with different achievements. some involving extra bonuses like unlocking new features or unlocking extra levels, that you can display on your profile page to show just how experienced a gamer you are! This aspect makes this dating app both competitive and fun at the same time! 

Nothing says romance better than special romantic moments shared between two avatars in the game itself! Touch It Rikka APK rewards successful players with special “romantic encounters” when connecting with another player; these are virtual displays of affection that take place within the game itself rather than off-game communications such as text messaging or phone calls.

Features of the Touch It Rikka APK

  • Safety:

 Through the verification system, all users are confirmed to be real people with an ID card before they can become a user. The team at Touch It Rikka carefully monitors the platform for accounts that look fake or suspicious, constantly ensuring that the app is a safe haven for its users.

  • Quality Profiles:

Each profile consists of important information such as age, name, profile photo and talking points you find interesting, so you know who you’re talking to right away! They also provide clear overviews of your interests and hobbies which allows other users to get in touch with you more efficiently.

  • Personalization:

 Touch It Rikka allows you to customize your personal profile by filling out some additional informational fields like “mood” or “favorite books”. You can even upload photos and videos that represent your current life situation which will make it easier for other people to understand who you are and what type of person they may be looking for.

4. No Ads:

 While many dating apps bombard their users with ads trying to make some extra money out of them, Touch It Rikka provides a pure dating experience without any annoying ads popping up here-and-there throughout the screen whenever you use the app.

Additional Features

5. Gamified Interaction:

 To keep users on their toes and thinking about different ways to talk each other, Touch It Rikka has implemented several mini-games inside its application so conversations never become too repetitive nor boring. Games range from word puzzles to trivia challenges; making it easier for two strangers meet and know each other better in a fun way rather than through plain text chat only.

6. User Feedback System:

What sets this app apart from others is its feedback system – where members of the community provide valuable feedback on how well they interacted with other users while being installed in Touch It Rikka’s platform or exchange compliments afterwards if they enjoyed one another’s company.


If both parties happen to agree on something during their matchmaking session. Then they can choose connect together using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger directly from within our app itself. Which establishes an even stronger bond between two individuals interested in taking things further outside our borders into something larger than just communication over chat but rather becoming acquaintances first before gradually moving towards entering into friendships later down the line should everything go well enough during initial talks either here where those sparks first fused together naturally initally!

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