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Temp Mail APK v3.33 (Latest Version) Free Download

Privatix Limited

11 June 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Temp Mail APK
Latest Version v3.33
Last Updated 11 June 2023
Publisher Privatix Limited
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Communication
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Temp Mail APK is short for temporary mail, this is an app that enables you to generate provisional and impermanent emails that can be used to sign into various websites on the internet. We sometimes need these email addresses for different purposes. One objective of needing short term addresses is to access the content of sites where we do not want to stay longer. These address can be used to open the site information and after you are done with what you were looking for, you can comfortably disable them in just a few steps.

Moreover, you can also use them as alternative to your original emails to save yourself from getting bombared and spammed with unnecessary promotional and marketing emails from the websites that you visit on the internet. You must have faced this problem if you are using a smartphone. Now, you do not need to unsubscrible every other platform individually rather this app will help you do it all for you.

About Temp Mail APK

Temp Mail APK not only saves you from getting innumerable spam emails but also enables you t safeguard your android device from malicious and fishing emails that might pose a threat to your data and information that is stored inside your mobile phone.

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You must have heard about stories of people becoming the victims of fishing attacks from hackers belonging to different parts of the world. If you are not careful, then these hackers can get all your information and use it for ill purposes. For that you need to be very proactive and cautious about how to interact with different communicational stuff online, otherwise you will have to face unprecedented repurcussions. This app will make sure that no such threat comes your way and it will ensure that you do your projects without having to worry about any suspicious stuff on the internet.

More About the App

Temp Mail APK does not ask you for any information while you are going through the process. The standout characteristic of the app is undoubtedly its non-registration policy. unlike comparable platforms, users will not encounter requests for personal information they prefer to keep confidential whether online or offline. The process is super easy, all the accounts that you make through this app will directly be connected to your device where all the content is delivered. Another benefit of the app is copy paste all the messages that you have received through these email addresses. This method is more feasible for the users who frequently do their stuff by copy pasting, it is going to save a lot of your time if you employ this process in your work.

You can keep this app connected to them without doing any hard stuff. Using this app will help you in doing your assignments more easily and quickyly. It will not onlt save a lot of your time, but also assist you in doing your work more professionally. There is no other way to do that together with maintaining your personal space to yourself. So, what is the delay for, go and check out the link mentioned on this site now and enjoy you life free of all the distressing marketing campaigns that you receive in your email inboxes

Features of Temp Mail APK:

Editing the addresses
You will have the opportunity to customize the email addresses and add usernames or other details according to your choice. These detail customization allows the users to hide their true identity and work as anonymous entities.

  1. Email forwarding

The important emails can be forward to the users’ primary email. This way, users do not miss out on important messages, they can directly transfer the emails to their inboxes in the easiest of steps. This feature is not available in many apps but it is in this one.

  1. Attachment handling

You can send and receive large attachments through these temporary addresses. Moreover, you can also transfer them to the primary email addresses that are log in to your devices. This way, many things have been more comfortable to you all now.

  1. User Privacy

The privacy and secreacy of the users is the major focus of this app. It ensures that everything that happens on the platform is carry out in the safest way so that the users are safeguard from any kinds of online fraud.

  1. Mobile compatibility

The app has design to make more mobile friendly which means that this app can be access in all android phones no matter whether they have little storage or little RAM. Every phone will experience the remarkable interface once in its life.


Temp Mail APK is an innovative app that has proven its worth to the audience in a short span of time. The importance of the app is so great the in a little time it has seen tremendous increase in the number of followers. We have elaborated on a few important features above let us discuss some more here. This app provides you with the option of inbox accessibilty. That means you can use this app just like the original email apps, this is a great alternative of those apps. Apart from being a good subtitute to them, it is safer during times when you are checking different online stores to buy some stuff. These stores torture you with never ending promotional messages that is a cause of a mental stress when it comes to bearing all that process.

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