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The Past Within APK

The Past Within APK v7.3.0.3 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Rusty Lake

21 May 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name The Past Within APK
Latest Version v7.3.0.3
Last Updated 21 May 2023
Publisher Rusty Lake
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The past within APK is the recent craze of adventurous game that is a gameplay of two members. The application is an engaging and suspenseful game where you have to sort out mysteries in a chat based way or environment. Your will find The past within APK so much amazing and interesting because it tries to connect the future and the present via your efforts and chats. I bet you never had such an application used before.

The adventure blends with curiosity and fascination in this application and makes it one of the top class games. The features and more-about would be discussed later in the article. The application gives you space to be creative and a prophesy guru so that when you are best at prophesy and narrating the present and the future then you are the best player of the game. This application is out of the tradition to have a game which has a different perspective of gameplay and theme of play. Each ascending level provides you with a new challenge to solve a new mystery through strategic thinking and through quick decision making, the presence of mind and critical thinking would be the best skills that you could have to win the games and get to new heights of the game.

About The past within APK

The past within APK is an adventurous game where you have to play as a two membered team, where you have to communicate with your partner you via a chat interface to solve the mysteries. One of the player is representing the past and the other is representing future, this factor system makes the game so much fascinating to play and is also one of the biggest questions of the whole world till now.

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In each and every level of the game you will confront a new mystery that you have to solve. You have to use your reflexive, quick and sharp decisions in addition to the strategic communication you have to solve the level to proceed to next level. There are omens that you have to find some source and hidden clues to make things get manipulated and jot the pieces of puzzles to get ahead before times out. You will discover catching story lines and indulge yourself through them in the thrilling game.

One must be cunning, efficient and crisp in the team and teamwork to have a rapid progress thoroughly.  Overall the game will give you goose bumps with amazing and exciting suspense it creates and the adventure it provides is of next level.

Off the record of The past within APK (background)

The software developers at the Rusty Lake, a well-known creative developer team of game studio and acclaimed atmospheric puzzle game makers. They have a famous reputation and style of mysterious game development.

The past within APK is a game that moves round Albert Vanderboom; a man who is so much trapped in his dreams. Every effort to get out of trap makes it a bit more perplexed. Now you and your team are the savior who can solve out the mysteries to the truth behind this trap and his strange situations and perplexing circumstances. You are the people who will safe this man from the ultimate hell of unconscious and subconscious imprisonment.

The Albert Vanderboom is not the only trapped one in the mystery rather his daughter Rose is victim to his father’s dysfunctional dreams and sub consciousness. The revelations that you sum on will be a great help to Rose to come to terms with their past. Along the path you will get more amazing revelations that will give live to the game through their amazing suspenseful characters coming in with you completing your levels. When you do so you will find some secrets and uncover the mysteries of this freaky world.

Whatever you do you will either help Rose and her father get on track or you will worsen the situations with your dysfunctional ties. You must help in the expedition of Rose to help her enclose the chapter of this shabby world of the Albert Vanderboom and that is getting contagious to his daughter now, and also to restore the peace of the family.

What makes The past within APK unique?

The past within APK is a cunning and innovative game that blends suspense, secret mystery solving, puzzle solving and compassion for helping others remaining within a team and team work play. The application provides a real time chat space for the players to interact and allows realistic communication among the players that adds another amazing feature to the game. The application has amazingly high quality of graphics which enhances the enjoyment while playing it.

The past within APK has atmospheric music that change as per the environment created and creates immense feelings within you. The application has some fascinating characters who intrigue you and has dark themed story lines. The past within APK provides a full of adventure and emotions game for players.

You will never be able to diverge your concentration once get engaged in the game to unveil the mysteries of the past of the victim to help him and his daughter get a stable life. You have the puzzles to solve with team work with the help of omens and clues to sort out things. Join in the game and sort out the problems and shabby experience of the Rose’s father with your powerful on time decisions, creativity and strategic chat communications.

Features of The past within APK

The past within APK is a craze game that you will never get off from the hunger to play more as it’s design is sepcially for creative and critical and emotional people to embody a great achievement with your powers. The following features are uniqueness to the application;

  • Two players Partnership game; the game is for two players to play in partnership. Each player will have either the responsibility of future or of past to tackle and work in team to unveil the shabby mysteries of the man. Just one player cannot win so a team work is required dire.
  • Chat box feature; the application has inbuilt chat box for the players to get in chat with. The communication through this chat box contains the decision for next move.
  • Puzzles, omens and cues; you will have omens and cues to act on and make precision of their meaning to win a great progress to next level. Solve the puzzles to ascend to your goal.
  • Unpredictability; the game is unpredictable that makes it so much suspenseful and curiousity gets to its peak while playing the game. Anytime, anything can happen with your actions and sometimes you get some amazing progress and a new character so unpredictable that you get goose bumps.
  • Cooperative game environment; as mentioned the game cannot be won without teamwork so the teamwork is made making it a lesson to the player.
  • 2D and 3D merged; the game has the 3D and 2D in merged and you will find both of them in one game.
  • Inclusive platform; the application runs on your PC, mac, android and iPHONE as well. So you can use it anywhere in your device.


The past within APK application provides you with and amazing, engaging and cunning puzzle and mystery solving experience. If you want an unconventional game experience then go for this application that has made a history with this blend of emotions, mystery, teamwork, adventure and so much in one game. Indeed you will have a new and out of tradition in gaming industry experience. Download the application and help the man solve the mysteries of the man in trouble. 

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