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Toca Boca World Free Download All Unlocked APK

Toca Boca World Free Download All Unlocked APK v1.62 (Latest Version) – Available Now

Toca Boca

2 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Toca Boca World Free Download All Unlocked APK
Latest Version v1.62
Last Updated 2 April 2023
Publisher Toca Boca
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Educational
1/5 Rating (1)

There are many games available on the Internet and many gamers love to play them as well. But you could hardly find out a game that contains amazing features that are solitary from the rest categories. If you can observe closely, you can see that some games have good User interface but lacking high graphics, few are having amazing effects but sound is missing. But today, we are offering small sized application containing all the amazing features with zero money requirements. The Toca Boca World Free Download All Unlocked APK, an exciting game available for every age group with high graphics and simple user interface.

About Toca Boca World Free Download All Unlocked APK

Toca World APK is an amazing game specially created for kids. The game is easy to understand and the controls are very simple. In this game, you have to go free hand to create what you want. You can use the tools and features offered by the game to fulfil your fantasies. There is no registration or subscription required to download the application and install it on android devices. The user interface is mobile-friendly and compatible with all android devices.

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The Toca World APK gives many exciting tools to create your own small world. You can roam in that without any issue. In this game, you can do all the real things that you are doing in your real life. You can visit buildings, go shopping, hang out with friends, play in playing areas, go work walk in parks, go to hotels, and many other social life things. So don’t have to pay anything inside this game, all the things are offered for free.

You can create your own character using the tools from the studio. Also, you are able to dress him/her in the cool clothes from stores. Moreover, users can choose the daily required stuff for him as well. You can create a complete story for your character. Narrate a complete story containing characters, objects, buildings, and many other things.

More About The App

The application gives you tools to customize the appearance of your character as well as the whole environment. Customize the hairstyle, hair color, facial expressions, gestures, skin color, clothes, accessories, and many other things. You are also able to add new buildings, streets, chairs, parks, and all other objects to the background.

You can easily unlock up to 300 characters and almost 50 different locations. Users can choose any character and location depending on your mood. You can explore new things from these locations, and know about the related things on this site. The characters are unique from each other in many aspects. You will love the whole experience of creating your own world and visiting sites with your customized characters. The game has been created with amazing attractive graphics that captivate the player’s interest and give details about every small thing in the background.

Features of Toca World APK

High graphics: The game is created with high graphics to give a more realistic and attractive experience to the players. You can notice small things clearly.

Many Characters: You can unlock many unique characters that will help you to play the game. Also, you can create your own character as well.

Customizable: The application gives many tools that you can use to completely customize the character and environment. You can customize skins color, hair color, hairstyle, clothes, expressions, etc.

Different locations: You can unlock up to 50 locations in the game. You can visit them as well. The locations can be shopping malls, party areas, play areas, hotels, houses, hospitals, schools, and many others.

Create Storyline: The application helps you to develop a complete story. You can add the characters, locations, and objects to your story. You can easily do that using the tools and options.

No registration: The game is not asking you to register yourself or pay any fee for the features. The game is completely free to every age group.

Compatible: The game is compatible with all android devices and has a mobile-friendly user interface that can be understood by everyone.


The Toca World APK gives you all the features and tools to create your own fantasy world with many buildings, streets, characters, etc. You can create a storyline describing your visits to different locations. Download the free game, Toca World APK now!

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