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A Little To The Left APK

A Little To The Left APK v0.2.12 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Max Inferno

25 December 2022 (1 year ago)

App Name A Little To The Left APK
Latest Version v0.2.12
Last Updated 25 December 2022
Publisher Max Inferno
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.3/5 Rating (6)

A Little to the Left apk is a soothing organizing game with a variety of intriguing challenges. It is the most effective approach to relieving tension and anxiety. It’s more of a soothing and comfortable puzzle game in which you sort, stack, and arrange home goods into appealing configurations while keeping an eye out for a naughty cat with a penchant for mischief. Keep an eye on this cat since it disorganizes everything. Furthermore, this game is available in over ten languages, including English, Spanish, and German, so even if you don’t speak English, you can still obtain the greatest game for unwinding. Players will find it relaxing to play this game since sorting and reorganizing the clutter is connected to decreasing and eliminating anxiety.

A Little to the Left is a tidy puzzle game with a naughty cat that likes to change things up! Sort, stack, and organize home goods into just the perfect location! Check out this fun and easy-to-use puzzler with 75+ gratifying messes to clean up. Players must tidy drawers, place the basket, clear the room, and do a variety of other tasks.

About A Little To The Left APK

Physical clutter, as we all know, bombards your brain with numerous stimuli and makes it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand. As a result, organizing and cleaning have been associated with reduced anxiety. Being surrounded by clutter may be depressing. And thus, clearing out the chaos calms your anxiety. In this game, Because you may arrange objects around the home, tidy the drawers, and use your OCD in the game, running slightly to the left also has calming benefits on your brain. Additionally helpful are those who have OCD. Players will run upon puzzles concealed amid everyday items. It is also ideal for individuals who enjoy playing casual puzzle games and those who get a rush from being in an area that is neatly ordered because there are new challenges to complete every day.

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This game offers every kind of organization, even which way the clock hands should point, exactly as in real life. How should the medication cabinet be set up? Who should fill the basket with threads? In the end, you advance to the next level if you organize everything at that level. Get this soothing and stress-relieving game in your hands today to enjoy an observant puzzle-filled environment with surprises around every corner. Additionally, the graphics and visuals of A Little to the Left’s lovely illustrations and unforeseen events are so soothing and peaceful that they help the players feel at ease and satisfied.

More about the app

There are more than 75 enjoyable puzzles in this game. Keep an eye on the sneaky cat while you play the game and crack the riddles since it likes to wreak trouble. As you compete with a wicked cat that is determined to undo all of your laborious work, tidy, neaten, and organize the goods. This game is for you if neatly organized areas give you a dopamine high. It is the most gratifying game available because of its pleasing principle, adorable visual style and color scheme, and 75+ levels with fresh daily challenges.

Features of A Little To The Left APK

More than 75 original logic puzzles

Every day, players get limitless access to puzzles. It will soothe players’ minds and brought to a state of tranquility by these problems.

Rapid-fire puzzles

There will be a lot of quick-solve games when sorting the items in the game. Drag and drop controls that are simple

Everyone can play it easily because the controls are all extremely basic.

Enchanting example

The illustrations and images in this game take into account the idea that colors may help you relax. So, play this game right now to feel relaxed and satisfied.


Discover the specific arrangement for the materials at hand by simply clicking, dragging, and dropping into position to calm your nerves and relieve the day’s worry. Play a little to the left and correctly position the objects, organize the bookshelf, and complete all the other chores in this game and ultimately cure your OCD in real life.

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