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Anghami APK v6.1.248 (Latest Version) – Free Download


21 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Anghami APK
Latest Version v6.1.248
Last Updated 21 May 2023
Publisher Anghami
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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All that requires upgrading your spirit and soul to be more energetic and dance like none is music. Music is called the food for soul and I myself have deeply felt its effects. We have thousands of music providing application that enhance the chance for a good and equal distribution of music and songs all over the world. But unfortunately the software developers have made this soul booster dragged into capitalism and which has caused it to be distributed to the most privileged people who has the wealth so they can subscribe the software. While, if we, fortunately, get an application of such type for free then we have security and privacy issues.

The Anghami APK is an application that comes in front in such situations and tries its hard to make things right. The application provides unlimited Arabic songs and has tried to dissipate all the problems and obstacles with the provision of music and songs to every ear. It provides millions of Arabic songs for free casing an equal distribution of amazing songs, with full security and without any regard for privileges.

About the Anghami APK

The Anghami APK is the largest application that has access and a library of millions of Arabic songs. The application provides Arabic songs that you think best fits your demand. You can put all of your favorite songs in one place and could have the best of the playlist via this amazing application. Discover and play your favorite songs out of these unlimited songs and if you want it to be in your device then you have the platform to download them and keep them for your offline time as well. The application streams the podcasts from the region as well.

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The application has a pre made playlist for that could fascinate you to keep them; these preset playlists are on the base of the category of the application. You have the option to create your own playlist manually and add all those songs you love to hear to it. The application has an algorithm working for you that recommends the songs for you as per your history. The application also gives you the access to follow your favorite artist or singer. So that you can get the most updated songs from them just minutes after they release their songs.

More about Anghami APK

You can have access to the library of the millions of songs from wherever you and any device you are using, the application supports any device and software operating system you use. The playlist that other peoples make could taste good to your ears. So you can have that playlist as well to your access. The quality of the songs are also very much amazing. Your data or any internet source would be in minimum use as compared to those applications that are in competition with it. The unavailability of internet cannot cause any hindrance between you and your love for music as you can play the songs while offline as well once you download them.

Features of the Anghami APK

The features mentioned here are the best of the application;

  • Diverse music and songs; you can have access to as many as millions of Arabic songs.
  • Preexisting playlist; the application contains already made play list that you could like.
  • Own playlist; you can make your own playlist as per your choice.
  • Borrow playlist; you can have any of the playlist made by anyone that tastes good to your ears.
  • High quality music; the application has some high quality music in it that will make you get amazed.


The features and information given is enough but at last I would recommend it by saying you must go for amazing sons in this free Arabic songs provider application that has tried to equalize the differences made by elite applications like spotify etc. so go and get a best playlist for yourself or make one for yourself.

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