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Attack on survey corps apk

Attack on survey corps apk v0.8.9 (Latest Version) – Free


2 August 2023 (10 months ago)

App Name Attack on survey corps apk
Latest Version v0.8.9
Last Updated 2 August 2023
Publisher Remo_Wind
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.8/5 Rating (5)

Attack on survey mod apk is a game developed by fans of the Japanese manga series attack on titans. Fans inspired by the story of the manga series Attack on titans developed their own game, a parody of the original and authentic series. The plot and storyline are inspired by the attack on titans universe by Hajime isayama, a famous manga artist. All the characters of the games are extracted from the manga series attack on titans. This game has a unique and exciting storyline that engages the players thoroughly. Developers have modified the plot a little bit and made changes accordingly. Characters date other girls and unlock the features of the game. This game is conversational, in which characters go to new places and talk with other characters by choosing appropriate phrases, leading them to scoring points.

About Attack on survey corps apk

Attack on Survey Corps is a game based on the popular Japanese comic series ‘Attack on Titans,’ which has received worldwide acclaim. Fans created this game based on the series, and all the characters are from the game. This video game modifies and adapts the story of “Attack on Titan. It is an inspired and parody game without ties to the original game. Players frequently assume that because of its name, it is a fighting game with several obstacles and opponents to conquer. However, contrary to this perception, it does not have such tasks. Instead, players converse with other girls in training camps and choose phrases adequately to earn points.

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 Characters are similar to those of the original series. However, developers have changed the characters’ storylines, and the storyline has nothing to do with the original series. The gameplay is basic but appealing. The graphics and visuals are appealing, and this draws gamers in. Attack on Survey Corps stands out among simulation video games due to its soft color palette, exhilarating animation, intriguing plot, and distinct characters. Because it is a simulation game, players can participate in activities similar to those seen in real life.

Feature of the game

Game interface

This game is easy to play and understandable by everyone. It has no complicated features, and players have to engage in conversation with other game characters to earn points.

Characters of the game

For the fans of the Japanese series attack on titan, this game is a treat because characters of attack on titan inspire its characters.

Easy tasks

Unlike other games, it has very basic and simple tasks. Players don’t have to fight with monsters and enemies. They are only supposed to talk and participate in conversation with other girls on training camp, which lead them.

Captivating graphics


In the visual department, attacks on the survey corps are leagues above the others. The visuals of this game are calming and have the power to draw in a sizable audience, as with every piece of art, the visuals may make or break the experience. So, if you enjoy art with a visual component, you’ll enjoy this game.

Parody the game of attack on titan

 Attack on the survey is a parody game of the original series attack on titan. It is not affiliated with the original series.


Enjoy a fascinating game based on the renowned Japanese series attack on series that breaks all records and stands out against most video games on offer. This game’s unique plot, overall aesthetics, soft color palette, appealing visuals, and feel offer players a serotonin boost. Perfectly timed sentences in conversation will earn players points, which are then used to unlock other features.

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