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Bloodstrike APK v’1.001.530045′ (Latest Version) – Free Download

NetEase Games

12 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Bloodstrike APK
Latest Version v1.001.530045
Last Updated 12 March 2023
Publisher NetEase Games
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Bloodstrike APK is a first-person shooting game. It is a role-playing game (RPG) where you go on an expedition to find a vaccine for a deadly viral disease that has affected almost every human on earth. The game is more like an action film where you will be playing the role of a protagonist. The story goes like this, a deadly virus has caused a pandemic and infected almost everyone, and has turned them into zombies. You are among the few survivors who have saved themselves until now but the danger is present in the air like a ticking bomb. A small mistake will get you infected. Your mission is to find a vaccine for this viral disease and save people. 

You will be traveling to different places in search of some rare blood samples which can resist the virus that is running in their veins. People with rare blood are key to making a successful vaccine. Your mission is to find such people and make a vaccine after collecting and tasting their blood. You will be given a team of fighters and modern weapons to fight zombies and make sure that you do not get yourself infected. 

More about Bloodstrike APK

Here you will get different weapons like machine guns and snipers to infiltrate different bases, kill zombies and leave after collecting enough blood samples to make a vaccine. Saving humanity is in your hands. You can become everyone’s hero by finding a cure for the virus. Bloodstrike APK gives you a real fighting and shooting experience. We all love zombie movies but not everyone has tried playing zombie games. With Bloodstrike APK you get an opportunity to show your fighting skills. You can share your achievements with your friends on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more. 

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Features of Bloodstrike APK

  1. Graphics 

The game has realistic and creative graphics that you will love. It gives a feeling as if you have entered into a real fight with new creatures.

  • Controls

The controls are precise and perfect. You are the king of your game. Make a strategy and fight according to your game plan

  • Personalization and customization

You are allowed to design your weapon and firearm. You have the option to edit your character. 

  • Free to download and use

One of the best things about this game is that this is free to download from our site and you can use it for free and have never-ending fun. 


Bloodstrike APK is a challenging game that tests your guts. This game will make you fall in love with it as you start playing it. It is one of the most downloaded games developed for Android devices so far. This offers amazing sound effects that will blow your mind. The difficulty level increases as you pass different levels. You have to fight stronger as the game proceeds. Download the game and try playing it by yourself. Explore exciting features Bloodstrike APK is offering you. Earn coins and buy weapons with the help of the coins and destroy your enemy. If you face any problem, we are here to help you. We will assist you on time, please leave your concern in the comment box below. Download the game and have fun!

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