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Cuphead APK v7.2 (Latest Version) – Download Free

Studio MDHR

30 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Cuphead APK
Latest Version v7.2
Last Updated 30 March 2023
Publisher Studio MDHR
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.5/5 Rating (2)

The world of gaming is prospering every day and new, amazing games are released by game developers now and then. Since the first beginning of the games like Tetris and puzzles, the gaming platforms have captivated the interests of gamers all around the world by providing exciting games every day. The players are not getting bored and also they feel happy when they open up a game and start playing it. That is because all the games are created to provide relief and enjoyment to people who are spending their days with hectic workloads and pressures. Role-playing games are more played these days as they offer the players to control the whole game using different features and win. One such game is the Cuphead APK, which is loved by many people around the globe.

About Cuphead APK

This game is sometimes referred to as run’n’gun game. In a branching level structure, you will be fighting bosses all the time. Because a hero does not have a fixed amount of lives, you can try as many times as you need to cross through this or that area. Even if you are slain, your weapon will remain with you, so you will not be concerned. Aside from the weapons intended for the cells, you also have a special ability that can be used once the counters are filled. As the game advances, your adversaries will get more sophisticated. You will die a lot in the beginning.

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Moreover, Giant plants that shoot root crops, inflatable clowns, and mythological animals will be among your enemies. Enemy attacks are random, but you can predict your opponent’s next move based on specific indicators. For this, you’ll have to bid farewell to life more than once.

Even though it is somewhat complex, this is a thrilling game. It is distinguished not just by its intense firefights, but also by its perfectly created visuals. The game’s characters are completely hand-drawn, which adds to their uniqueness and appeal. Cuphead APK is a game that will keep you entertained for hours and will wow you not just with its action but also with its beautiful style. Cuphead APK has a rich cartoon style, and in this classic horizontal version of the game, players may travel to and from the weird planet, gain amazing super mobile powers, and also participate in the mission Hidden in the discovery of the secret.

Features of Cuphead APK

Hand Drawn Characters: The makers of this game have produced a lovely cartoon-like experience by using particularly hot jazz music. In addition, the makers of the game included hand-drawn animations for a cooler look.

HDR Cartoons: Unlike other cartoon games, this one generates amazing HDR photos and highly rich comics. The cartoon characters in the game are displayed in high quality. Amusing cartoon images will influence you.

Good soundtracks: This game also features a great soundtrack that will keep you fascinated. This game’s fun songs and constant opponent fire sounds will help you stay focused.

Amazing gameplay: This is the type of game that will not bore you at all. It offers very unique yet basic gameplay that will keep all players interested throughout.

Different Modes: One is a single-player mode, while the other is a local co-op action, and the players will have complete freedom to choose which mode they want to participate in.

2D Graphics: One of the great aspects of the game is that it has been developed to provide gamers with an exciting experience. It has been developed in 2D visuals to give you the vintage arcade gaming experience.

Special Characters: There are various amazing characters in the game having solitary skills and capabilities to win the game.


Cuphead APK is an animation story game that lets you experience the gaming with cool graphics. Download the game today!

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