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Dekaron G APK v1.1.79 (Latest Version) – Free Download

ThumbAge Co., Ltd.

12 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Dekaron G APK
Latest Version v1.1.79
Last Updated 12 May 2023
Publisher ThumbAge Co., Ltd.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

In this modern era every day different categories of games are released one of them is Role-playing games which has a unique gameplay with different storylines that allure gamers. Dekaron g APK, is one eminent role-playing Application stands out because of its tale. It is the most exciting and thrilling game to play. This is perfect for you if you are interested in role-playing games. Dekaron G APK is an MMORPG that brings players to the phenomenal setting through the fight against Karon. Becoming a Dekaron, your task is to develop the main character’s strength to be able to complete his mission. It is to destroy Karon to protect the peace of all mankind.

About the Dekaron G APK

The Dekaron G APK android game is a fantasy role-playing online multiplayer game where you can choose who you want to play as and customize your character to your taste. This game is the perfect mix of adventure, action, and fantasy violence that will keep players thrilled as long as they play. The main objective of this game is to develop your character to the point that you can easily take down the top villain, Karon, save the world, and bring back peace. And for that you play the role of a Dekaron the warrior and develop your character to increase his strength and destroy the evil Karon.

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Due to its fascinating story and the mechanics of its gameplay, this game has become a very trendy mobile application among gamers. Playing this game is straightforward, and players can easily understand what it takes to become a pro in this game. The operations are made convenient, as on-screen options are available that when players tap, they perform different activities such as attacking combos and navigating. There are also different missions you’ll discover as you interact around. Completing them will aid your player in growth and development.

More About the Game

Also, there are other players that you will find as you move around, and you can interact and also participate in different activities with them, such as exchanging items of your choice. This game is played on an open-world terrain, so there are different locations that gamers can explore and discover. Each area has its unique design, and the player can gain experience and unlock additional skills and items that will improve their gaming experience as they visit new places. Once you start playing, you will get the hang of it. It is easily accessible as the game is made free.

This unique Role-playing app was developed by ThumbAge Co.LTD which is a well-known company for creating popular mobile games. This is compatible with Android 6.0+ and higher versions. It will consume less than 1GB storage of your device. Its latest and newest version is 1.1.79 which is totally free and convenient to use. This game is famous for lot of violence, explicit blood, gory themes, and strong language that’s why Children are not advised to play this game because it may be too sensitive.

Features of Dekaron G APK

  • Graphics:

This Role-Playing game contains very detailed drawings and illustrations of characters and entire environment which attracts people the most to this game. The visual system in this game is impressive. It also has astonishing sound effects with realistic sounds. The game is played on a 3D platform. The overall view of this game is beautiful.

  • Interesting story:

It has an inspiring, exciting and fantasy story where players will begin their journey in the Otherworld with the legend of 2 moons. Indeed, two moons appeared in this strange world, including a prosperity moon called Ricketts and a moon symbolizing insecurity, Miseria. There are many cool events which are waiting for you. And once you start this game I swear you will not stop playing this game.

  • Items and upgrades:

Dekaron G APK is famous for its improving and developing characters. There are many items and upgrade. That you can enjoy purchasing and equipping to your character so that you can become the best player. You can also enjoy buying new weapons.

  • Easy to play:

This game is easy to play. It doesn’t contain any complex controls as most of the options are on the screen you have to just tap on them to perform different actions. Once you start playing, you’ll get used to it. It has a user-friendly interface which is very to use.

  • Free to download

You can conveniently make the Dekaron g APK free download and have fun.

  • Stream free
  • No registration required
  • No advertising
  • A lot more


If you are a player who loves MMORPG games, then congratulations you are at the right place this will be a choice not to be missed at the moment. So download this Dekaron G APK and enjoy!

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